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White Iron Laminated Wear Plates

White Iron Laminated Wear Plates, Bimetallic chrome white iron brazed wear plates, Laminated Wear Plate Wear Liners Bimetallic Chromium Carbide Wear Plates, laminated 700 HB / 63 HRc Wear Plates, Wear-resistant plates parts, Domite 700bhn High Chrome Cast Iron Wear Plate China supplier


Our Advantage

Affordable price                                                            ☑ Customized design is Available                     ☑ T/T, L/C or other payment accepted

☑ Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery                               ☑ Quality guaranteed                                         ☑ Bulk discounts for larger orders

Product Description

Laminated Wear Plates – It is a combination of high chromium white iron metallurgically bonded to a mild steel backing plate.

Hardness: 700BHN (HRC62-66)
Thickness: 12mm to 70mm
Large sizes available(600mmX900mm)

Earthmoving Equipments
Transfer Points
Truck Beds
Rock Box Edges
Impact Walls
Screen Plates

Material: Chrome white iron wear casting vacuum brazed onto mild steel base.
The smallest thickness for wear material we can make is 6mm.

1. Hardness: 63HRC/700BHN. The usage life is at least 2 times higher compared with overlay/hardfacing wear plates, at least 7 times longer than A.R type steels 360/400BHN. The thicker ones such as 20mm above wear, the usage life is much more longer. The wear resistance performance is the same from wear surface to the welding face.
2. Wear surface is very smooth and flat, media is not easy to stick on.
3. It can make with different shapes and sizes.
4. Better cost-efficient. Unit price is about USD5.5—USD7.5 per kilogram.

Weakness: for big sheet size, wear casting could be joint ones, not a whole sheet. For example, wear plate 1443x349x25/6mm(25mm wear, 6mm base), the wear material will be jointed with 4pcs, and mild steel base will be joint with 2pcs, joint gap is below 2mm

Suitable for use in chutes, hoppers, bins, liners, impact walls, rock boxes and a variety of other applications.
Very easy to use, no pre or post heating when welding. overlay wear plates

700 HB Wear-resistant Parts are the ideal solution for impact and high abrasion in the following industries:
Earthmoving equipment and transhipment companies
Cement plants
Dredging industry
Recycling industry
Mineral processing industry

laminated 700 HB / 63 HRc Wear-resistant Parts benefits:
Lower operating costs
Longer Service when compared to conventional materials
Increased production
Improved product efficiency
Increased equipment availability

Applications laminated 700 HB / 63 HRc Wear-resistant Parts:
Chutes and liners
Suction mouth dredging industry
Protection of tunnelboring machines
Shredder tips
Protection dragheads dredging industry
Protection earth moving equipment / shovels / buckets

Product Range



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