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Loader Cutting Edges

Loader Cutting Edges, Loader Bucket Cutting Edges, Wheel Loader Blaes, Komatsu & Caterpillar Loader Cutting Edge and Segment

Loader Cutting Edges Feature:


OEM Part Number or Custom Design
Heat treated manganese steel and heat treated boron steel available
Weld on or bolt on bucket base edge
Bolt on cutting edge and segments
Cutting edge thickness 13-80mm
Half Arrow Edges: 254mmX30mm, 254mmX40mm
Provide High Quality Bolt on Unitooh
Casting half arrow and other wear protection parts
Casting weld on Heel Shrouds for buckets


Loader Style Edges are produced from high quality boron heat treated steel to enhance the durability of your bucket edges, giving it a longer wear life. We stock Loader Style Edges in single or double bevel and bolt-on or weld-on styles to suit your machinery needs. Our Loader Cutting Edges come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses to suit a range of different machines. By purchasing yourself some new YASSIAN Loader Cutting Edges you will reduce your downtime, maintenance costs and fuel consumption.


Our high trained staff at YASSIAN can assist you in purchasing the best cutting edge for your bucket, just give us a call or contact us through our website.


Model No. Base edge Bolt on


Center Edge

Qty Req Bolt on


End edge

Qty Req Bolt on segment Qty Req
944, 950 8K8161 1U1465 2 1U1464 2 /  
8K8162 1U1470 1 1U1469 2 /  
950B, 950E,



5V4696 1U0601 2 4T8101 2 /  
9V6573 1U0601 2 4T8101 2 4T6695 7
966C 7V0904 1U2406 2 3G6395 2 /  
6W2989 1U2407 2 3G6395 2 4T6698 7
8K9754 1U2407 2 3G6395 2 /  
966D, 966E,



7V1490 1U0593 2 3G6395 2 /  
9V6575 1U0593 2 3G6395 2 4T6699 7
970 9V6575 1U0593 2 3G6395 2 4T6699 7
7I3015 1006668 2 3G6395 2 1006666 7


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