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CCO Overlay Plate CCO PLATE 200

CCO Overlay Plate CCO PLATE 200, high wear resistance Chromium Carbide Overlay Plates, Chromium Carbide Overlay Steel, chromium carbide cladded wear steel plate offers superior strength and corrosion resistance


Our Advantage

Affordable price                                                            ☑ Customized design is Available                     ☑ T/T, L/C or other payment accepted

☑ Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery                               ☑ Quality guaranteed                                         ☑ Bulk discounts for larger orders

Product Description

CCO Overlay Plate CCO PLATE 200 Technical Specifications & Chemical Composition:

Product Name
CCO plate, chromium carbide overlay plate, chute liner, chute lining, chromium carbide wear plate, chromium carbide plate, wear plate, wear liner, chromium carbide overlay wear plate, chrome hard facing plate.

HS Code
Base Plate
Hardfacing layer
Chromium carbide overlay
Chemical Composition
C(%): 3.0-5.0, Cr(%): 22-27, Mn(%): 2.0-3.0, B(%): 0.7-1.0 If you want higher chrome content, contact us.
The carbide (Cr7C3) volume fraction on the microstructure is above 50%.
Surface Treatment
Overlay, Hardfacing, cladding, coated.
Hardfacing, open arc welding, submerged arc welding.
Wear Resistance
High wear resistance, 30 times higher than low carbon steel and 12 times than heat treated steel.
Impact Resistance
Flatness tolerance
Thickness tolerance
Uniform overlay thickness, with tolerance within 0-0.5mm.
Main Thicknesses
3 on 5, 4 on 6, 5 on 6, 6 on 6.

4 on 8, 5 on 8, 6 on 8, 7 on 8, 8 on 8.

4 on 10, 5 on 10, 6 on 10, 7 on 10, 8 on 10, 9 on 10, 10 on 10.

4 on 12, 5 on 12, 6 on 12, 7 on 12, 8 on 12, 9 on 12, 10 on 12, 11 on 12, 12 on 12.

4 on 14, 5 on 14, 6 on 14, 7 on 14, 8 on 14, 9 on 14, 10 on 14, 11 on 14, 12 on 14, 13 on 14, 14 on 14.

6 on 20, 8 on 20, 10 on 20……


Plate Size
Standard chromium carbide overlay wear plate size:1400*3400mm
Any other chromium carbide overlay wear plate size also can be Customized.
Place of Origin

grinding mill liner, hopper liner, silo liner, chute liner, chute lining, crusher liner, etc.

Chromium carbide wear plate is weld-overlay-plate made from based plate welded over with chromium carbide flux cored wire (we can weld on both sides: overlay+base plate+overlay). You can also see our CCO pipe. Chromium Carbide Overlay Plates CCO PLATE 80

The chrome carbide formed in a stable matrix, give it wear-resistant properties. Their balanced formulation and excellent price-performance ratio make our composite wear plates the standard solution for a wide range of industries.

We can fabricate wear liners for you via (cutting, drilling, countersunk holes, stud welding).

Features & Benefits:
Low cost solution when compared to traditional abrasion-resistant steels like hardox. our plate’s price maybe higher than regular wear plate, but the lifespan is more than 4x longer. So your overall cost will be lower. Considering this will also reduce your down time, then it will save you even more money.
Recommended for resistance to wear by abrasion, fretting, cavitation, and particle erosion in high temperature applications (up to 1100°F).
Ideal for mild to moderate impact abrasion resistance.
Low maintenance cost and easy installation.
The overlay surface of CCO plate will consist of a series of beads with numerous hairline cracks in them. These properly spaced crosscheck cracks are a natural phenomenon and are beneficial to the material. The cracks propagate through the overlay and end at the fusion line.
Application Specifications:
Cutting – Plasma burning, air arc, abrasive saw or water jet.
Welding – Our CCO overlay plate can be joined by welding the substrate to substrate using 309 weld wire/rod.
Bending – Using a press brake, forming should be perpendicular to the weld pass direction. Plate rolling should be performed in the directions of the overlay beads.

3 on 33~418~200.5~10.5~156~58
3 on 43~418~200.5~10.5~156~58
3 on 53~418~220.5~10.5~158~60
3 on N3.5~4.520~250.5~10.5~158~62N>5
4 on N3.5~4.520~250.5~10.5~158~62
5 on N4~623~250.5~10.5~158~62
6 on N4~624~280.5~10.5~158~62
7 on N4.5~624~280.5~10.5~158~62
8 on N4.5~624~280.5~1.50.5~158~62
9 on N5~626~300.5~1.50.5~160~64
10 on N5~626~300.5~1.50.5~160~64
11 on N5~626~300.5~1.50.5~160~64
12 on N5~626~340.5~1.50.5~160~64
N on N5~626~340.5~20.5~160~64N>12

Product Range



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