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  • Yassain in The Team of The National Standard Plan TC334

    The national standard plan "Earth-moving machinery — Tooth", jointly drafted by several companies, was issued on July 21, 2021, and the project is now approved and will be implemented on the project release date. The National Standard Plan "Earth-moving machinery — Tooth" is under the responsibility

  • Simple Rules To Make Your Bulldozer Gets Last Longer

    There are 4 main bulldozer Ground Engaging Tools (GETs)Cutting edgeCutting edge is a part of a bulldozer blade which is the most damaged and worn. There are different edges for different purposes and different grounds. To extend the lifetime of these parts, it’s better to use, install, and operate t

  • Skid Steer Bucket Teeth

    Skid steer, also known as Bobcat is a multifunctional workplace machine with tracks or wheels. Skid steer has a strong body and engine, and has a lifting arm on both sides. It can also be fitted with various attachments for operation. The power of skid steer is generally 20-50 kW, the mass of the ma

  • Introduction of Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapters

    excavator is a large and powerful machine used for industrial activities such as digging up the ground, destroying hard objects, or removing heavy things. Attached to the end of its long arm, there is a container named bucket, and a row of bucket teeth is mounted evenly at the end of the bucket. The

  • What Is Scarifier Teeth

    What Is Scarifier Teeth Scarifiers, also known as surface planers or milling machines, employ rotating cutting tools to carve or scar the surface of concrete. Scarifiers are devices with sharp, knife-like metal blades that may cut into your soil to remove thatch, trash, and other objects. Scarifiers

  • loader bucket cutting edge

    loader bucket cutting edgeLoader bucket cutting edge is the blade which connect to the end of a loader’s bucket. It’s actually a flat strip of iron with evenly holes that used for installing extra devices, generally between 2-3 meters in length.Cutting edge is the main device of the loader to finish

  • What Is Excavator Stump Ripper

    what is excavator stump ripper?excavator is a large and powerful machine used for industrial activities such as digging up the ground, destroying hard objects, or removing heavy things. Usually, a container named bucket is connected to its long arm. It’s designed for normal working conditions. But w

  • Bucket Tooth Types and Their Uses

    Tooth Types and Their UsesImpact-resistant bucket teeth can tolerate penetrating shocks and strong breakout forces. These are ideal for digging and trenching applications when utilizing an excavator, backhoe, or other machines with a high breakout force, especially in rocky terrain or rock quarry. T

  • An Introduction to Snow Plow Teeth & Cutting Edge

    A snow plow is a vehicle accessory that is normally put on the front of a vehicle to remove snow and ice. Plows are commonly attached to trucks, loaders, or motor graders. These trucks are sturdy enough to support the weight of a plow and push snow. Snow plows enable companies and households to clea

  • What Is A Ripper Tooth

    Rippers are typically employed at the back of a bulldozer to break up the earth and let other machines to move it more simply, or to loosen the ground to encourage agricultural to growth. If you're digging in hard terrain that's prone to harm your excavator or bucket, tearing and breaking up the dir

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