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  • Yassain in The Team of The National Standard Plan TC334

    The national standard plan "Earth-moving machinery — Tooth", jointly drafted by several companies, was issued on July 21, 2021, and the project is now approved and will be implemented on the project release date. The National Standard Plan "Earth-moving machinery — Tooth" is under the responsibility

  • The Aftermarket Part Industry of Ground Engaging Tools in China

    The aftermarket part industry of ground engaging tools in China has seen significant growth in recent years, driven by the country's rapid economic development and the increasing demand for construction and mining equipment. Ground engaging tools are critical components of heavy machinery used in co

  • Bucket Teeth Introduction

    1. Bucket Teeth Manufacturing process:Bucket teeth are generally divided into casting bucket teeth, forging bucket teeth and coated sand bucket teeth from the manufacturing method, the performance of the three manufacturing methods are different. Generally speaking, forging bucket teeth more wear-re

  • What affects ground engaging tools lifespan

    Ground engaging tools (GETs) are essential for construction and mining equipment to dig, excavate, and move soil and other materials. And it is crucial to be sure that they will serve you for a long time. Manufacturing process and MaterialsEvery ground engaging tool begins with creating a design and

  • What are Ground Engaging Tools?

    Ground engaging tools, also called GET, are parts of your heavy machines that come in contact with the ground, rocks and other materials during their daily use. There are a couple of purposes to having GETs: to assist in cutting, moving and grading while absorbing most of the impact for the machine

  • Check your equipment during winter times

    It's winter season and many parts of the northern hemisphere experience below-zero temperatures. People are not the only ones who need to be prepared for winter times, we should also protect heavy machinery from freezing. Extremely cold weather can damage your equipment, causing downtime and budget

  • What are wear plates and why are they so important

    What are wear plates and why are they so importantIt is crucial to pay attention to the maintenance and protection of most exposed parts machines and equipment. A wear plate is an item that you use to keep your machines and equipment safe from intense rolling abrasions. They play a critical role in

  • Simple tips to maintain your Ground Engaging Tools

    Ground engagement tools are specifically designed metal tools that are attached to earthmoving machines and engage with the ground the most. Ground engagement Tools, also called GETs are presented in many different forms and are used for different purposes. These tools will extend the time your mach

  • Simple Rules To Make Your Bulldozer Gets Last Longer

    There are 4 main bulldozer Ground Engaging Tools (GETs)Cutting edgeCutting edge is a part of a bulldozer blade which is the most damaged and worn. There are different edges for different purposes and different grounds. To extend the lifetime of these parts, it’s better to use, install, and operate t

  • Skid Steer Bucket Teeth

    Skid steer, also known as Bobcat is a multifunctional workplace machine with tracks or wheels. Skid steer has a strong body and engine, and has a lifting arm on both sides. It can also be fitted with various attachments for operation. The power of skid steer is generally 20-50 kW, the mass of the ma

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