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  • Spring Festival Holiday Notice - Ningbo YASSIAN
    Dear Valued CustomerOur holiday date for Chinese Spring Festival isFeb. 6th to Feb.17th. We hope everyone canshare our happinessWe would like to express our best wishes andthankfulness for your great support in the pastyear. Hope year 2021 is an exciting, prosperousand harvest year for both of us!
  • Yassain in The Team of The National Standard Plan TC334
    The national standard plan "Earth-moving machinery — Tooth", jointly drafted by several companies, was issued on July 21, 2021, and the project is now approved and will be implemented on the project release date. The National Standard Plan "Earth-moving machinery — Tooth" is under the responsibility
  • The Capacity of The Excavator Bucket
    How to determine the capacity of the excavator bucket?The capacity of an excavator bucket is typically determined based on specific engineering requirements and the specifications of the machinery involved. Here are some common methods used to determine the capacity of an excavator bucket:Design req
  • Snow Plow Blades - YASSIAN China
    Snow plow blades are specialized attachments used for clearing snow from roads, parking lots, and other surfaces. These blades are typically mounted on vehicles such as trucks or tractors and are designed to efficiently push or remove snow from the desired area.Snow plow blades come in various shape
  • Liebherr PR756 Bulldozer Parts
    The Liebherr PR756 is a model of bulldozer manufactured by Liebherr, a well-known company in the construction and heavy machinery industry. The Liebherr PR756 is part of the PR series of bulldozers produced by Liebherr. These bulldozers are designed for heavy-duty applications, such as earthmoving,
  • Merry Christmas-Ningbo YASSIAN
    Christmas Stocking PlanDear employees and partners,With Christmas approaching, we are preparing to embrace this joyful and busy holiday season. To ensure that we can meet customer demands and provide excellent service, we have developed the following stocking plan.Inventory Review: Firstly, we will
  • Introduction of Snow Blades
    Different types of snow bladesThere are different types of snow blades. Here are some of the most common types:Straight Snow Blades: These are the most basic type of snow blades, and are essentially just flat pieces of metal or plastic that are mounted on a frame.Curved Snow Blades: These snow blade
  • Introduction of Ripper Shanks
    what is a ripper shank?A ripper shank is a type of farm equipment attachment used for tillage operations. It is typically a long, narrow metal blade that is mounted on a farm implement, such as a plow or a cultivator. The ripper shank is designed to break up hardpan soil, which is a layer of compact
  • Introduction of Half Arrow Cutting Edge
    what is half arrow cutting edgeA half arrow cutting edge is a type of cutting edge commonly used in manufacturing and construction. It is characterized by a V-shaped edge with a flat top, where one side of the V is longer than the other. The longer side forms a straight edge while the shorter side f
  • Introduction of Leading Excavator Bucket Teeth Manufacturers
    Excavator bucket teeth are an essential component of an excavator, as they are responsible for digging and removing materials from the ground. Excavator bucket teeth manufacturers are companies that specialize in designing and producing high-quality bucket teeth that can withstand the harsh conditio
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