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208-939-3120 60mm Aperture Komatsu PC400 Adapter

208-939-3120 60mm Aperture Komatsu PC400 Adapter, Side pin Adapters Two Strap Adaptor, Construction Excavator Bucket Tip Adapter Spare Part for Komatsu, Replacement Komatsu Bucket Teeth Point Holder System, G.E.T China factory


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Product Description

208-939-3120 60mm Aperture Komatsu PC400 Adapter Parameter:
Part Number 208-939-3120-60
Model PC400
Family PC400
Shape Two Strap Adapter, Side pin Adapters
Weight 22KG
Hardness 32-40HRC
Impact Value >18J
Match parts information
Teeth 208-70-14152TL/208-70-14152RC/208-70-14152
Pin 09244-03036
Retainer /
Attachment Weld-On
Attributes Komatsu PC400 Adapter with 60mm aperture
Application Komatsu PC400 excavator bucket
Warranty: 2 years

After-sales Service Provided: Video technical support, Online support
Applicable Industries: Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Construction works
following Komatsu Excavator Tooth and Adapter. 5J6805 CATERPILLAR Aftermarket Part Cutting Edge
PC120-7 adapter 205-939-7120, Komatsu Machinery Excavator Bucket Adaptor 423-847-1111
PC120-7 tooth PC120-7 SYL
Side Cutter 202-70-63161
Side Cutter 202-70-63162(202-70-63171)
PC200 Tooth 205-70-19570
PC200 HD Tooth 205-70-19570
PC200 SYL Tooth 205-70-19570SYL
PC200 SYL Tooth 205-70-19570 SYL
PC200 SYL Tooth 205-70-19570SYL
PC200 SYL Tooth 20Y-70-K4030
PC200 RC Tooth 205-70-19570RC
PC200 RC Tooth 205-70-19570RC
PC200 RC Tooth 205-70-19570RC
PC200 RCK Tooth 205-70-19570 KRC
PC200 RC HD Tooth 205-70-19570 RC-HD
PC200 TL Tooth 205-70-19570TL
PC200 TL Tooth 205-70-19570TL
PC200-30 vertical Adapter 205-939-7120
PC200-30 vertical Adapter 205-939-7120(30mm)
PC200-30 vertical Adapter 205-939-7120
PC200-35 vertical Adapter 205-939-7120(35mm)
PC200-40 vertical Adapter 205-939-7120(40mm)
PC200-45 vertical Adapter 205-939-7120(45mm)
PC200-30 vertical Adapter 205-70-68141/68140
PC200 Side Cutter 205-70-74180
PC200 Side Cutter 205-70-74190
PC220 Side Cutter
PC300 tooth 207-70-14151
PC300 SYL tooth 207-70-14151 SYL
PC300 RC tooth 207-70-14151RC
PC300 RC tooth 207-70-14151RC
PC300 RCK tooth 207-70-14151 KRC
PC300 RC tooth 207-70-14151RC
PC300 HD RC tooth 207-70-14151 RC-HD
PC300 RC tooth 207-70-14151RC
PC300 RC tooth 207-70-14151RC
PC300 TL tooth 207-70-14280TL
PC300 TL tooth 207-70-14280TL
PC300-40 bevel Adapter 207-70-14142(40mm)
PC300-40 Straight Adapter 207-939-3120(40mm)
PC300-45 vertical Adapter 206-939-3120(45mm)
PC300-50 vertical Adapter 207-939-5120
PC300-50 vertical Adapter 207-939-3120(50mm)
PC300-55 vertical Adapter 207-934-5120(55mm)
PC300 Side Cutter 207-70-34160
PC300 Side Cutter 207-70-34170
PC300 Side Cutter PC300-5 L
PC300 Side Cutter PC300-5 R
PC300 Side Cutter 207-70-34161
PC300 Side Cutter 207-70-34171
PC350 Side Cutter
PC350 Side Cutter
PC360 Sidebar Protection 208-934-7131
PC360 Sidebar Protection 208-934-7132
PC360 Sidebar Protection 209-70-54610
PC400 tooth 208-70-14152
PC400 tooth 208-70-14152
PC400 tooth 208-70-14270
PC400 RC tooth 208-70-14152
PC400 RC tooth 208-70-14152RC
PC400 RC tooth 208-70-14152RC
PC400 RC tooth 208-70-14152RC
PC400 RC tooth 208-70-14152RC
PC400 RCK tooth 208-70-14152 KRC
PC400 TL tooth 208-70-14152TL
PC400 TL tooth 208-70-14152TL
PC400-40 vertical Adapter 208-70-34150(40mm)
PC400-45 vertical Adapter 208-939-3120(45mm)
PC400-50 vertical Adapter 208-934-7120
PC400-50 vertical Adapter 208-939-3120(50mm)
PC400-50 vertical Adapter 208-939-3120
PC400-55 vertical Adapter 208-934-7120
PC400-55 vertical Adapter 208-934-7120(55mm)
PC400-60 vertical Adapter 208-939-5120
PC400-60 vertical Adapter 208-939-5120(60mm)
PC400-60 vertical Adapter 208-939-5120(60mm)
PC400 Side Cutter 208-70-34160
PC400 Side Cutter 208-70-34170
PC360 Side adapter 207-939-7181
PC400 Side adapter 208-934-7180
PC500 tooth
PC500-65 adapter PC500 (65mm)
PC650TL tooth 209-70-54210TL
PC650RC tooth 209-70-54210RC
PC650-80 Bevel adapter 209-70-74140
PC1250-90 Bevel adapter 21N-70-14140(90mm)
PC1250RC tooth 21N-72-14290 RC
PC1250 Adapter PC1250EG51

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