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Universal Blades, Universal Weld-On or Bolt-On Cutting Edges, Single Bevel Weld-On Bucket Edges, Universal Double Bevel Bucket Edges, Double Bevel Curved Blades, Single Bevel Flat Blade, Half Arrow Edges
At YASSIAN Universal Blades, we have all brands blades for you. We stock a variety of single bevel weld-on cutting edges in a range of lengths and thicknesses to fit any types of machinery. Our Single Bevel Weld-On Bucket Edges are designed to fit a range of different machinery such as ASV, Bobcat, Case, CAT, Daewoo, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, New Holland and a lot more.
Our Single Bevel Cutting Edges have been manufactured from through hardened steel allowing you longer wear life, reduced downtime and increased profit per metre of material handled.
YASSIAN Half Arrow Edges in a variety of different lengths and thicknesses. Our Half Arrow Edges can be used as edges protectors between teeth, front edges on loader buckets and as a bucket side protector. They are a cost effective solution for extra wear protection on new buckets as well as a repair front edge for worn cutting edges.
If you’re looking for a replacement double bevel cutting edge, then you’ve come to the right place! At Terrappe Group we stock Universal Double Bevel Cutting Edges to suit all makes and models of machinery. Our TERRA Universal Double Bevel Cutting Edges are manufactured from boron Heat Treated material that is designed to give you more benefits than any other cutting edges. You will benefit from our Universal Double Bevel Cutting Edges as they allow for longer wear life, reduced downtime and are reversible for a double life.
If you want more information about our spare parts, or need help selecting the best cutting edges to suit your needs, our friendly and experienced staff at Terrappe Group are more than happy to help! Just contact us through our website or Email
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