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Track Rollers & Bottom Rollers

Track Rollers, Bottom Rollers, Track Bottom Roller for Excavator and Bulldozer undercarriage parts, Top & Bottom Rollers For Mini Excavators & Track Loaders

Track Rollers are forged from a boron steel alloy and then through hardened to a good core hardness. This prevents the bushings from loosening. The roller outside diameter is also deep heat treated through wear limit for maximum wear life.


Available in single and double flange, and in both excavator and track-type tractor styles
Sealed and lifetime lubricated
Wide flanges resist rollover
High-strength steel and deep hardening virtually eliminate wear, shock loads, and bell mouthing
Sleeve bearings and large hardened shafts absorb impacts and deflection


Track Rollers & Bottom Rollers

Tractor-style rollers have an upset center shaft to absorb heavy thrust loading and offer at least 30% more wear life than excavator-style rollers. Best for machines that spend a lot of time traveling at high speeds.

Excavator-style rollers are better in high-impact conditions because of its heav-duty, large diameter shaft.

We provide the finest top quality Rollers which are guaranteed to be interchangeable with the original equipment manufacturer. Trek has the full line of Caterpillar® current series high drive symmetrical seal rollers. This design retro fits older models and is the trouble free extended wear roller for today’s tractors.

Roller shells are forged from a boron alloy steel and are through hardened. Some smaller excavator shells are induction hardened at the wear surface.

Track Roller for Excavator and Bulldozer undercarriage parts are popular such as Caterpillar, Daewoo/Doosan, Liebherr, Komatsu Hitachi Case, JCB, Volvo, Kobelco, Samsung Hyundai O&K/Terex Track Rollers. Our bottom roller work perfectly under all operating conditions, and have a high resistance to wear of rail. The superior quality spare parts with special expertise in forging, casting, heat treatment, welding, oils and assy.

Many machines will accept several different style of bottom rollers. If you have questions about your particular machine, give us a call and one of our knowledgeable Product Specialists will gladly help you.


Popular Track Roller Models include:

227 320-C D6R 618 ES40B RBX200 3510 1050J D155 D40-60 PC1250
308 325-B D7R 870 ES50B SH450L EX100-3 350B D155AX3 D51EX22 PC200
322 330-B D8H-K 330LX ES51B SK120-5 EX120 350D D21 D60-65 PC200-6
345 330-D D8N 608B ES60C SK135 EX1200 450B-C D275A-8 D61EX12 PC300-5
350 375-385 D8R 690ELC ES70A SK200 EX150 650G D30-31 D65E-12 PC400-5
365 973C D9G-H 80LX FE12 SK220 EX200-2   D32E-1 D75-85 PC60-6
385 D3-3C D9L CX370 LS2800Q SK270 EX220 350 D355A-3 D85PX PC650
225B D3K-4K D9N CX460 LS3400Q SK300 EX300-3 450A D375 PC100 PC650-3
245-8-9 D4-4E D9R CX800 LS4300 SK310 EX60-1 1150 D39E-1 PC1000 PC650-6
245-9 D5H D10N DX225 MF200 SK350-8 EX60-5 1150B      
307-308 D5H TSK D11N-R E330-B R290 SK400-3 EX700 9010-B      
312-B D5M-5C E300-B EC290B   SK480 ZX350 9060B      
320-B H D6M-5H EL240-C                



Popular Top Carrier Roller Models include:

350 D5-6 330LX EC140 SE210 EX120 EX60-5 350B D155 D60-65 PC300-5
345 D5H 80LX EC240B SK100 EX150 EX700 1050J D155AX3 D61EX12 PC300-7
365 D6C-D 9010B EC290B SK200 EX200-1 ZX200-3 450B-C D275A-8 D65E-12 PC300LC
385 D6H 9060B EC330B- SK200-6 EX200-5 ZX330 650G D30-31 D75-85 PC400LC
307B-C D7-7H 950J LS2800 SK220 EX300 ZX350 750 D31EX D85PX PC60-7
312-B D8H-K CX460 PC75-1 SK270 EX400-1 ZX450LC 850 D32E-1 PC100 PC650-5
320-B D8N CX800 S220LC SK480 EX400-2 ZX850LC   D37EX PC1250 PC650-6
330-LN D9G-H DX225 S300LC   EX60-1   350 D40-60 PC200  
D3-3B EL240           1150B D41E-6 PC200-7  
D4-4H EL300-B           450A D51EX22 PC200-8
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