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Skid Steer Bucket Teeth

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Skid Steer Bucket Teeth

Skid steer, also known as Bobcat is a multifunctional workplace machine with tracks or wheels. Skid steer has a strong body and engine, and has a lifting arm on both sides. It can also be fitted with various attachments for operation. The power of skid steer is generally 20-50 kW, the mass of the main engine is 2000-4000 kg, and the speed is 10-15 km/h. It is mainly used in narrow operating sites and undulating ground to deal with frequent changes in work content. Whether your project is based on landscaping, construction or agriculture, a skid steer can effectively help you lift and move heavy materials.

Unique steering method is the most outstanding feature of the skid steer. Ordinary cars or loaders steer by using the front wheels. However, the skid steer uses the difference in linear speed between the two sides of the wheels to achieve vehicle steering, which makes in-situ steering possible for skid steer. Therefore, Skid steers are particularly dexterous in tight spaces.

On the other hand, A wide range of attachments and quick changing capabilities are the reason makes a skid steer multifunctional. A skid steer has more than 100 attachments. Each attachment has its own role to play in increasing the productivity of a particular project. This makes skid steers suitable for infrastructure construction, industrial applications, dock loading and unloading, city streets, houses, grain silos, livestock sheds, airport runways, etc. They can also be used as auxiliary equipment for larger construction machines.

As for choosing the right skid steer attachment, for example, the bucket. Generally speaking, there are two different types of the skid steer buckets, the skid steer tooth bucket and the skid steer smooth bucket. Each of them has its own features. The former is usually used for digging tasks. While the latter is more versatile and can deal with farm grading tasks better.

The digging performance of a skid steer tooth bucket is exceptional. However, it’s not as versatile as a skid steer smooth bucket. But when it comes to the aeration of compacted soil projects in extreme weather conditions, a skid steer tooth bucket is the best choice. At the same time, bucket tooth makes the skid steer bucket stronger, because a bucket is more likely to stand corrosion and rust if it has teeth.

A skid steer smooth bucket has no teeth. But you can easily make it a tooth bucket by only attaching a tooth bar if you want. This feature saves you from the troubles of getting your bucket permanently welded as well as makes skid steer smooth bucket dexterous. A skid steer smooth bucket is unable to dig the ground, but it is suitable for mild projects such as grading of the farm and removal of the snow.

Regardless, the role and use of the skid steer bucket tooth in digging projects are matchless. It is an ideal option for digging jobs in extreme conditions like frozen ground, hardpan, etc. and the skid steer and the tooth bucket is a perfect combination for the jobs like loading, digging, and spreading.

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