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Simple Rules To Make Your Bulldozer Gets Last Longer

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Simple Rules To Make Your Bulldozer Gets Last Longer

There are 4 main bulldozer Ground Engaging Tools (GETs)

1. Cutting edge

Cutting edge is a part of a bulldozer blade which is the most damaged and worn. There are different edges for different purposes and different grounds. To extend the lifetime of these parts, it’s better to use, install, and operate them properly.

Edges are the main part of the blade, the ones that actually touch the surface of the ground.

2. Ripper shank

Ripping is a technique that helps to loosen up the soil before the excavation. Compacted soil, rocks, or roots can be difficult to break for some types of construction machinery. The ripper shank attachment helps other pieces of equipment more easily dig through the soil.

Ripper shanks are located on the back of a bulldozer. It’s a long tool that rips into the ground and looks like a hook. You need ripper shanks to dig through the soil to break up tough spots.

There are two types of rippers - single shank rippers and multi shank rippers. A single shank is used to dig deep into the ground. On the other hand, multi shank rippers, rippers are smaller and are used for lighter multipurpose work.

3. Ripper tooth

At the tip of a ripper shank, a ripper tooth is installed. Ripper tooth looks and behaves like an insect sting. Trying to rip without it is not a good idea. This part has the biggest impact when ripping the ground. There are several different teeth for different ground types.

4. Ripper guard

To extend the lifetime of a ripper shank, you need ripper guards. Ripper guard is a G.E.T. you install on the ripper shank’s front part to help the ripper tooth rip the ground and decrease the pressure on the more expensive ripper shank.

Ripper shank, Ripper guard and ripper tooth

There are  4 essentials to how to make your G.E.T.s last you longer

1. Regular inspection - encourage your operators to visually inspect the parts at the start and end of their every shift

2. Maintenance log - keep a maintenance log of when you perform any maintenance. This’ll help you keep track of what you’ve done and schedule an upcoming maintenance.

3. Proper installment:

  • Use new bolts when installing any new G.E.T. as old bolts may have suffered metal fatigue

  • Surfaces bolts and nut threads must be clean to ensure the best holding strength.

  • You should install cutting edges from center outward, do not install starting from ends towards center

  • Install end bit bolts (with two bolt rows) first from the center outward, then from the center inward.

  • Tighten all bolts to the required torque

4. Proper usage

This is mostly in the hands of the operator, so make sure that your operator knows how to operate a bulldozer well.

  • For a blade:

    • Avoid corner loading

    • Use the correct blade angle

    • Avoid excessive speed - doze in 1st gear, carry in 2nd gear.

  • For rippers:

    • Use the correct position of a ripper

    • Use the correct depth of a ripper

Order Ground Engagement Tools Online

Great quality GETs are essential for the construction site preparation. They make your machines more productive, safe to operate and increase their lifespan. We have a big list of GETs for different heavy machinery which we can ship directly to you. Contact us if you have troubles figuring which Ground Engagement Tools you need.

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