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Cutting Edge Profiles – Choose Your Edge Profiles

A large range of Cutting Edge Profiles are available to suit all types of buckets and blades on earth-moving machinery. Call us for pricing on your custom orders!


> Generally used for front mounted snow plow
> May also be used for appli- cation specific base edges on excavators & loaders
> Usually mae as bolt-on with holes in top or in the center (reversible)
> Holes may be countersunk, round or square
> Material is often high carbon steel


> Primarily used in Grader or Plow applications
> Generally supplied with square countersunk holes at the top of the blade
> Can be custom ordered with no holes or specialized holes
> Standard heat treated diamond steel (some smaller sizes made from high-carbon steel)


> Commonly used as a weld on edge (welded to base of bucket)
> Can also be used as a base edge (made with or wihout holes to accomodate bolt- on edges, adapters or wear segments)
> Can be custom drilled or cut
> Can be either heat treated steel for wear or weldable steel for base edges.


> Serrated (Ice Edges) can be made from Singel Bevel or Double Bevel Flat, or, Double Bevel Curved material
> Serrations can be cut into either side of the edge or both sides (reversible)
> Teeth are made with standard width and gap spacing (which depends on thickness and size of the edge)
> Custom serrations can be cut to specification


> Generally meant as a Bolt- On wear edge for Loaders, Dozers, Graders, Scrapers, Backhoes & Excavators
> Commonly supplied with bolt holes center drilled (ex cept for Graders) to allow for the edge to be reversed after lead edge is worn
> Available without holes for custom weld-on applications
> Supplied in Heat-Treated or Thourgh-Hardened steel


> Designed to work on Scrapers
> They help move material into the center of the bowl and up the elevating conveyor
> Available in Standard & Heavy Duty for most major OEM Equipment


> Either Bolt-on or Weld-on
> Generally designed for Loader bucket applications
> Sometimes used as a replacement cutting edge for Excavators
> Sold in bulk lengths or cut into segments (custom holes and lengths available)
> Heat treated Boron steel


> Made exclusively for Bull dozers
> Designed in a left & right hand configurations
> Dig deep into the surface material and help move it to the center of the blade to ensure even material flow
> Available in many different thicknesses to suit your application (and most OEM Bulldozers)
YASSIAN Cutting Edges Protect your investment!
We produce a range of high quality cutting edge profiles providing additional wear resistance and extended life for excavator bucket applications.
  • Our Company Mission

    As a supplier of ground engaging tools YASSIAN specializes in developing, manufacturing and providing the best quality parts for earthmoving and mining equipment.
  • Our Products Quality

    We focus on providing GET which has a longer wear life at competitive rates for our customers. YASSIAN supplied wear products are made from high-quality steel alloy strategically placed wear material to provide maximum wear resistance.
    ISO9001 quality control systems are implemented in ourself factory to guarantee the quality of all products at all stages of manufacturing.
  • Our Company Value

    We seek quality in our activities, to ensure business success not only for ourselves but also for our customers.
  • Weld-in cutting edges for all types of Excavator, Loader and Tractor buckets.
    Made from Resistant steel for high strength and long wear life.
    Available in 7000mm long or can be cut to any length and drilled to accept bolt on edges.
    Custom made edges for large buckets are available in High Tensile steel, up to 140mm thickness.
  • Bolt-on reversible cutting edge used for all types of Excavator, Loader, Dozer, Scraper and Tractor buckets.
    Made from Resistant steel, providing long wear life.
    Can be cut to any length and drilled to suit any hole pattern.
  • Used for Loader and Excavator cutting edges, providing more wear material than the DBF profile.
    Made from Resistant steel – this edge can be welded or bolted on.
    Also used on bucket sides for wear protection or to increase capacity.
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