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YASSIAN offers a wide range of cutting edges for motor graders. Each provides certain benefits when used in the appropriate application. Using the right edge is critical for enhancing production and keeping total costs to a minimum. The three factors to consider in choosing a cutting edge are shape, width and thickness.
There are two basic cutting edge shapes — flat and curved — with serrated edges available in both configurations. In addition, the Grader End Bits system dramatically expands the range of edge shape options. Yassian offers deffirent types of grader edges and end bits for all brand motor graders.
Cutting Edge selection is critical for enhancing production and keeping cost to a minimum. Application affects the cutting edge shape, metallurgy and style. Impact, penetration and abrasion define your application environment. An edge has to penetrate the material and not break during operation. Cutting life then becomes a matter of metallurgy and thickness.
Dozers move ground at mines, construction sites, residential developments and hundreds of other places. A dozer’s main work tools are a blade and a ripper. The universal blade is curved, wide and tall so that it can carry material. Other blades are flat or shorter, but they all do a similar job: leveling the ground.
Dozers work in dozens of different industries, applications, climates and environments and can be customized for specific jobs —just like the G.E.T. that protect their blades or cutting edges & end bits. From parts availability to expert support and service, YASSIAN customers can contact us online or call us.
Both the blade and cutting edges have to balance ground penetration with wear life. Excessive worktool or G.E.T. wear material can make the machine less effective. Yassian dozer cutting edges and end bits are designed as a balanced system to move more material over a longer period with less downtime—which translates into a lower cost per hour for you.
Matching your cutting edge wear rates with your end bit selection is easy with our broad portfolio of options. You achieve a balanced system, which helps reduce both maintenance intervals and operating costs, leading to more productivity.
Choose from a full line of bolt-on and half arrow cutting edges. Optimize your machine’s productivity in every jobsite condition with the wide range of G.E.T. products available. YASSIAN bucket G.E.T. make up the only bucket system designed and developed to maximize the performance and productivity of your wheel loader.
Finding the best solution for your bucket and application is easy with our broad portfolio of edge options. Increase your machine’s productivity by reducing operating costs and maintenance interval costs.
Yassian bolt-on cutting edge options are available in standard and heavy-duty thicknesses and half arrow options. Recommended for applications where sand, gravel or other abrasive materials severely diminish wear life. Hard tungsten carbide particles are bonded to critical wear areas, providing up to five times greater wear life.
We have G.E.T. Parts for your bucket, no matter the application or environment. Maximum wear life and breakage resistance is possible with our steel alloy that can endure 2x the heat and pressure of traditional cutting edge steel products. Contact us email online or call us to help determine the best cutting edge system for your application to give you the lowest cost per hour.
 or Scraper Cutting Edges and Other Edges
Hydraulic excavators are extremely versatile machines used for a variety of purposes, from grading to mass excavation to demolition work. A excavator’s main work tool is a bucket, but these machines can also be equipped with hydraulic couplers to pick up a variety of tools.
Balancing your desired productivity / penetration with the wear life of your system is critical. Excessive wear material can reduce productivity and increase fuel burn. YASSIAN G.E.T. excavator bucket cutting edges are designed as a balanced system to increase life while minimizing drag.
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