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Basics of Bucket Teeth

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Basics of Bucket Teeth

Bucket is key and primary component of heavy construction machinery such as excavators. It has to bear high impact loads during digging process, resulting in large stress and deformations.

Excavator bucket teeth are important parts of excavators, similar to human teeth and also fragile parts. They are a combination of bucket teeth composed of tooth bases and tooth-tips, which are connected by pin shafts. Since the loss effect of bucket tooth grinding is the tooth tip, just replace the tooth tip.

Role of bucket teeth:

  1. Protect the bucket as a whole: Bucket teeth are lossy parts. Because the bucket wears a lot when shoveling soil or stones, and the bucket teeth protect the bucket.

  2. Make the operation more delicate: We drove an excavator to trace dragons and phoenixes on the earth. Imagine that the fine operation could not be achieved without reference to bucket teeth.

  3. Easy to dig and shovel: The bucket teeth are conical and blank in the middle. The action surface of the whole bucket is small and the pressure becomes larger, making it easier to shovel and dig things.

  4. After digging hard things, the bucket teeth have a cushioning effect on the whole machine.

How to maintain and protect it?

  1. During the use of bucket teeth, the outermost bucket teeth are worn 30% faster than the innermost ones. Bucket teeth should be changed after a period of use.

  2. The driver of the excavator should pay attention to the angle  of excavation during operation. Try to master it when excavating, and perpendicular to the working face when digging under the bucket teeth to avoid breaking the bucket teeth due to too large inclination.

  3. Be careful not to swing the excavation arm left and right with great resistance. it is easy to break the bucket teeth and tooth base due to excessive left and right forces.

  4. The wear of the tooth base is also very important for the service life of the bucket teeth of the excavator. After the tooth base is worn out by 10%, it is recommended to replace the tooth base. There is a large gap between the worn tooth base and the bucket teeth, so that the matching of the bucket tooth and the tooth base and the force point have changed, and the bucket teeth are broken due to the change of the force point.

  5. The driving method of the excavator driver is also crucial to improve the utilization rate of bucket teeth, and special attention should be paid to the coordination of movements.

The process flow of bucket teeth: sand casting, forging casting and precision casting.

  1. Sand casting: The lowest cost and the same process level and bucket tooth quality are not as good as precision casting and forging casting.

  2. Forging casting: The cost is the highest, and the process level and the quality of bucket teeth are also the best.

  3. Precision casting: the cost is moderate, but the requirements for raw materials are very strict, and the process level is also relatively high. Some precision casting bucket teeth even exceed the wear resistance and quality of forged cast bucket teeth due to ingredients. This is the mainstream manufacturing process of bucket teeth on the market.

Yassian is a top quality manufacturer of aftermarket bucket teeth. All styles of bucket teeth are available and can be delivered very fast. We also accept OEM/ODM service. Please contact us if you have any inquiry on bucket teeth or other aftermarket ground engaging tool parts.

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