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YASSIAN Construction Machinery Parts Cutting Edge 4t3007 Bulldozer Blade Cutting Edge And End Bits 4T3007

Carbon Steel: Carbon steel is a common material choice for motor grader blades. It offers good strength, hardness, and wear resistance properties. Carbon steel blades are cost-effective and suitable for general grading tasks.

Boron Steel: Boron steel is a high-strength steel alloy that contains boron as an alloying element. Blades made from boron steel are known for their exceptional hardness and wear resistance. Boron steel blades are often used in more demanding applications where increased cutting performance and longevity are required.

Heat-Treated Steel: Heat-treated steel blades undergo a heat treatment process to enhance their hardness, strength, and wear resistance. This process involves heating the steel to a specific temperature and then rapidly cooling it to achieve the desired material properties. Heat-treated steel blades offer improved durability and cutting performance.
  • 4T3007


  • 4T3007

  • Caterpillar 


Product Description

YASSIAN Construction Machinery Parts Cutting Edge 4t3007 Bulldozer Blade Cutting Edge And End Bits 4T3007

A bulldozer cutting edge, also known as a blade edge or cutting edge segment, is a replaceable component located at the bottom of the bulldozer blade. It is the primary contact point between the blade and the ground, responsible for cutting through materials, leveling surfaces, and pushing debris. The cutting edge is subject to wear and tear during operation and needs to be periodically replaced to maintain optimal performance.

The 4T3007 cutting edge is specifically designed for certain bulldozer models or brands. The "4T" prefix is commonly associated with Caterpillar (CAT) parts, as CAT uses a numbering system to identify their products.

  • 4T3007 (2)

Part No.(OEM)




198-72-11170 End bit 705*393*45 25
140-70-11170 End bit 359*222*25 14.7
140-70-11180 End bit 359*222*25 14.7
150-70-21346 End bit 435*254*30 25
195-71-11173 End bit 680*330*40 62.6
8E4196 End bit 585*330*40 58
8E4197 End bit 585*330*50 70
9W8874 End bit 465*254*25 20
9W8875 End bit 465*254*25 20
4T3007 Bulldozer Blade 25*254*465 19.5
5B5561 Grader Cutting edge 2133*152*16 34


grader blade


Carbon steel or Boron steel 35mnB






Forging & casting

Yielding Point

Carbon 600Re-N/mm2  Boron 1440N/mm2

Surface Hardness

Carbon HRC280-320HB  Boron HRC440-520HB




3 ton

Delivery Time

Within 30 days after contract established


Fumigate seaworthy packing

Payment Term

(1) T/T, 30% in deposit, balance on the receipt of copy of BL

(2) L/C, Irrevocable letter of credit at sight. 

Business Scope

Bulldozer & excavator undercarriage parts , underground engage tools, hydraulic track press, hydraulic pump etc..



A bulldozer cutting edge is a replaceable component located at the bottom of the bulldozer blade. It is designed to provide a sharp edge that cuts into materials, such as soil, rocks, or debris, during bulldozing operations.

The cutting edge is typically made of high-strength steel and is subject to wear and tear during use. As the cutting edge comes into contact with the ground and materials, it can become dull or worn down over time. When this happens, the cutting edge needs to be replaced to maintain the bulldozer's performance and efficiency.

There are different types of bulldozer cutting edges available, and the specific type used can vary depending on the bulldozer manufacturer and model. Here are a few common types:

  1. Straight Cutting Edge: This is a standard cutting edge that is flat and runs the full width of the blade. It provides a straight cutting surface for general bulldozing and leveling tasks.

  2. Serrated Cutting Edge: A serrated cutting edge has small, evenly spaced teeth or serrations along its edge. It is designed to improve the cutting ability and penetration into hard or compacted materials.

  3. Half Arrow Cutting Edge: A half arrow cutting edge has a curved shape with a pointed tip. It is effective for cutting through tough materials, such as frozen ground or rocky terrain.

When selecting a bulldozer cutting edge, it's important to consider factors such as the type of material being worked on, the intended application, and the specific requirements of the job. Proper maintenance and regular inspection of the cutting edge are necessary to identify signs of wear and replace it as needed.

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Режущая кромка отвала

1. You are a trader or a manufacture?
We are an industry and trade integration business, the factory is located in the high-tech zone of Jining City, and the sales department is located in the center of Jining, about 1.5 hours away.
2. How can I be sure the product is right for my machine?
Please provide the part number of our product or the serial number of the machine. And we can customize for you according to drawings and sizes.
3. How to choose payment terms?
We usually accept T/T or Trade Assurance. other terms also could be negotiated.
4. What is your MOQ?
It depends on the product you ordered. We can LCL or 20ft container for you
5. What is your delivery time please?
If the goods are in stock, we can arrange delivery and transportation for you in 2-5 days. If it needs to be produced, it will take about 10-20 days.
6. How is the quality of the product?

We have a perfect quality system to produce perfect products. And we can provide customers with products suitable for customers according to their requirements.


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