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What are wear plates and why are they so important

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What are wear plates and why are they so important

What are wear plates and why are they so important

It is crucial to pay attention to the maintenance and protection of most exposed parts machines and equipment. A wear plate is an item that you use to keep your machines and equipment safe from intense rolling abrasions. They play a critical role in extending the lifespan of earthmoving, mining, and other industrial equipment.

Usually wear plates are produced out of a tough, wear-resistant alloy coating and a shock-absorbing steel backing plate making this combination extra resistible.

The idea behind using wear plates is simple - you don't have to repair your machine or change its significant parts often, all you need is to replace wear plates to protect those parts. Otherwise, once the part breaks, the cost of replacing it, as well as the cost of unnecessary downtime, will not be efficient.

So three main benefits are:

Reduced cost

You would not have to purchase equipment and machinery more often.

This means fewer expenses for you.

Higher Resistance Against Wear

With highly resistant plates,  your machines will not undergo the same wear as before. You can extend the lives of your heavy-duty machinery, decreasing costs.

Higher Productivity

When all of your machines are working effectively and efficiently with wear plates installed you have fewer downtimes, therefore, decreasing the overall costs.

You can find lots of different wear plate solutions, but be aware that heavy, thick plates may seem more durable, but in reality, may increase the strain on the entire machine causing more frequent repairs and other side effects like increased downtime. On the other hand, a lighter wear plate will be a better choice for mobile plants and fixed plants such as screen decks and apron feeders.

Where do we use wear plates?

If you have machines that perform heavy-duty work, installing wear plates can save them from excessive damage, protecting them and your wallet at the same time. Some of the most common machines that you can use wear plates on include:

  • Press Brakes

  • Shredders and Crushers

  • Heavy Lining and Moving Equipment

  • Turning and Milling Equipment

  • And others

Wear plates can also be applied to:

  • Mining tools

  • Wear blades

  • Wear rings

  • Wear segments

  • Bucket scrapers.

The irreplaceable properties that wear resistant plates have made them useful in many industries such as Industries where heavy machinery is involved, Quarrying and Mining, Milling, Power plants, and others. All these industries have benefited quite a lot after implementing wear plates. In a modern industrial world not using wearing plates will lead to falling behind your competition in both efficiency and spending.

Choose the best wear plates

Regardless of the type of machine, the industry, or the operating conditions, the wear plate you choose will have a huge impact on the longevity of the equipment. You should be always aware of the condition of your machinery. If you need to protect your equipment contact us and we will help you to choose the best wear plates for you.


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