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What are Ground Engaging Tools?

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What are Ground Engaging Tools?

Ground engaging tools, also called GET, are parts of your heavy machines that come in contact with the ground, rocks and other materials during their daily use. There are a couple of purposes to having GETs: to assist in cutting, moving and grading while absorbing most of the impact for the machine and preventing wear and tear on the main parts while doing so.

There are various ground engaging tools for different purposes and vehicles. Here are some types of the common ground engaging tools:

Bucket teeth

These GETs are essential for ground engagement. They make breaking the ground smoother and more efficient therefore making work faster.


Bucket teeth adapters work together with bucket teeth. they provide various levels of tip penetration into the ground. Just as bucket teeth they are installed on loaders, excavators, and scrapers to allow for a range of digging depths

Cutting edges and end bits

Edges and bits are installed on a blade to protect the blades from wear and tear. they come in different sizes and shapes for different purposes and soil types. Curved edges are used to penetrate the ground better and flat ones to decrease impact and abrasion. Installed on dozers, motor graders and scrapers.


Rippers shred the ground before the excavation. You need them to cut through roots, stones and other tough materials. You should always protect your ripper shank with a ripper guard and a ripper tooth to extend its lifespan.

Wear plates

Wear plates are used to decrease the impact of the rolling abrasion occurring during excavation and other ground-engaging activities. They play a critical role in extending the lifespan of earthmoving, mining, and other industrial equipment.

Why GETs are beneficial for your heavy machinery and wallet?

Gets provide a big spectrum of advantages for you. From saving money to saving time.

1. Increase the power and Performance

Ground engaging tools transform your machine onto a powerful beast for the toughest jobs. Digging into earth becomes more efficient and less stressful for the machine.

2. Protect valuable components

By absorbing the impact GETs protect the main parts of machines. This is one of the most important benefits provided by GETs and one of the main reasons for heavy machinery owners must have them.

3. Increase productivity

Many businesses which use heavy machinery struggle to meet deadlines. GETs improve productivity and decrease the amount of time needed to finish a project on time. They also decrease or eliminate possible downtime caused by machine failure which leads to the next benefit.

4. Reduce operating costs

Maintenance of the machines' internal components can be very costly and will force you machine to be under repair for a long time. GETs will save you money by protecting internal parts.

5. Fewer repairs, just replace the small part

With ground engaging tools you don't need to replace the whole blade, most of the time you can just replace a much cheaper cutting edge or an end bit and continue the working process.

6. Different sites different solutions

The range of GET products is quite big. You can choose a required tool according to the material you work with, your project or other variables.

How to order Ground engaging tools?

It is very easy to order GETs, just click on the products page and choose the tools that fit you project, or click contact us for a consultation

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