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What Is Excavator Stump Ripper

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What Is Excavator Stump Ripper

what is excavator stump ripper?

excavator is a large and powerful machine used for industrial activities such as digging up the ground, destroying hard objects, or removing heavy things. Usually, a container named bucket is connected to its long arm. It’s designed for normal working conditions. But when it comes to ripping a hard ground or a special thing, a working device named ripper have to replaced it, suspended and installed on the excavator in order to deal with a higher demand.

what is the ripper? The ripper is a replaceable working device with crushing and loosening functions. Generally, it has a single tooth, and there are also two or three teeth version with stronger ability to cut into and dig up the ground. Usually, the ripper is used for excavating cracked rock, breaking frozen soil, or excavating asphalt pavement. Alloy tooth on the top of the ripper is suitable for crashing hard ground. At the same time, makes digging and loading activities more convenient.

After understanding the structure and function of the ripper, you may notice the word called “replaceable”. While working in different environment, the type of ripper is also different. Obviously, the stump ripper is a special type of rippers used for destroying and removing big stumps, and which is available for excavator or backhoe when used with a thumb.

To destroy and remove the stumps, there is another big machine called stump grinder can do the same work. But stump grinders are expensive and slow, most importantly, have risk of introducing contaminants in the excavator’s complex hydraulic system by tapping into the hydraulics of a machine. On the other hand, Stump rippers can replace the slow process of stump grinding and allows for complete removal without leaving grindings or stump remains that can cause sinkholes later. At the same time, compared with stump grinders’ high price and low speed, rippers are cheap and efficient. The stump ripper is just an installable device which can finish the job better by only replacing the big bucket on the excavator.

Stump ripper pins or quick couples to an excavator or backhoe just like a bucket would and allows the stump roots to be cut and ripped. The curved vertical blades allow the maximum cutting force to be achieved because they have no cross members to impede the action. If using with a thumb the stump can be easily grabbed and pulled out by the machine, thus allowing the stump to be removed completely, only leaving the ends of the roots. This efficient job makes the following steps more convenient, now the stump can be easily shaken and loaded into a truck, without leaving a lot of dirt or insect-infested grindings at the site.

As for materials that make rippers up, Most of stump rippers are manufactured by using high strength alloy steel in order to make sure the devices work as usual even on abusive, abrasive and cold weather conditions. The stump rippers are available for excavators, also there are some types of them made for backhoes.

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