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Pin for Excavator & Loader

Pin for Excavator & Loader, Replacement Bucket Adapter Tooth V61 Pins China Manufacturer For heavy machinery parts


Our Advantage

Affordable price                                                            ☑ Customized design is Available                     ☑ T/T, L/C or other payment accepted

☑ Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery                               ☑ Quality guaranteed                                         ☑ Bulk discounts for larger orders

Product Description

Replacement Pin for Excavator & Loader Feature:
Type: EX Excavator & Loader Pin
Size: 0.23KG
Material: Alloy Steel

Pins & Retainers, Pins and Locks, Bucket Teeth Pin and Lock, Pin and Retainer, Pin and Washer, KRPA3 Pin, excavator loader pin v61
Heat treatment is carried out to ensure the right hardness HRC38-42.
All different style of pins and locks for bucket teeth and adapters
Just tell us the teeth and adapters you use, we will find the right pins and locks for you.

275C 475C EC210 EC210BLC EC210BNLC EC230 EC230B EC240 EC240BLC EC240C EC280 EC280NA/SH EC280WI/LD EC290 EC290BLC EC290C EC300 EC330BLC EC330CL
EC340 EC340NA EC340WIDE EC360 EC360BLC EC360C EC390 EC390ME EC420 EC450
EC460 EC460BLC EC460C EC650BE EC650ME EC700BLC EC700CL 480 EW230 EW230B …

Excavator & Loader Pin 220-9110 – Some Part Numbers for VOLVO excavator tooth locking pins for your reference:
VOE 11417146 Locking device, complete 20P
VOE 11417147 Locking device, complete 30P
VOE 14524860 Locking device, complete 40P
VOE 11417148 Locking device, complete 55P
VOE 14524710 Locking device, complete 65P
VOE 14524711 Locking device, complete 80P

EX Style Super V13-17PN Flex Pin for a V13 or a V17 series bucket tooth, the pin is 1.875″ in length, .625″ in width and .375″ in height.

excavator bucket teech, adapter, pin , ripper point for KOMATSU CAT HITACHI, VOLVO HYUNDAI DOOOSAN , DAEWOO, V17 V23 V29 V33 V39 V43 V51 V59 V61 V69 adapter, and teech, pin….

EX 18S Excavator bucket teeth Standard tooth 18S EX bucket teeth details P/N TYPE U/W KG Model 22S STANDARD TOOTH 1.6 22 25S 2 25 30S 2.5 30 35S 4.2 35 40S 7 40 3806-25 (25mm) ADAPTER 4.6 25 25-30……

Apart from tooth pins for Volvo excavators, we also supply tooth pins for Volvo loaders.
L190 L190B L220D L220EMH L270 L270B L320 L330C L330D L330E L350F L480 L480B L480T…

Yellow 18S Excavator Bucket Teeth for Hitachi Excavator with 3G5307 Quick Detail: 1) Item: HOLE BOLT ON ADAPTER 3G5307_ 2) Strength:The ability of withstand digging shocks and high breakout forces. Long tips generally

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