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PC210-7 Replacement Komatsu Parts Bolt On Side cutters

PC210-7 Replacement Komatsu Parts Bolt On Sidecutters, Bulldozer Blade Bucket Side Cutter, Komatsu Parts Ground engineering machinery parts Bolt-On Sidecutter, Construction works Side Cutters China supplier


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Product Description

Product Name PC210-7 Replacement Komatsu Parts Bolt On Sidecutters
Material Alloy Steel
Type Standard type 3 holes
Color Yellow/Green/Blue
Part NO. PC210-7
Application Komatsu Excavator
Weight 19.8KG
Hardness HRC46-52

Side Cutters Strike Offs. Sidecutters improve penetration, increase bucket capacity and cutting width, and offer increased side bar protection. Strike Off: Half arrow profile, moderate to average digging. One-Piece: Extends bucket side to match teeth bite, average digging.

Most excavator buckets have a side cutter, located on the side of the bucket. The side cutters are thicker than the side of the bucket. In the picture below the side cutter is in the red circle.
Bolt On Side Cutters For Buckets
Excavator buckets may have additional side cutters called “bolt on side cutters”. In the excavator bucket below the bolt on side cutters are circled

At Attachments, not every excavator bucket can be equipped with bolt on side cutters. Bolt on side cutters are only available for the following series of excavators 1171-0017 EC210 Replacement VOLVO Parts Mining Excavator Bucket Side Cutters Bulldozer Bucket Side Cutter for D9N D9R 834G 834H, PC200-8 Komatsu Excavator Bucket Cutting Edge Side Cutters 205-70-74180

Ground Engaging Tools (Tooth points) Bolt On Sidecutters
Good ground engaging tools determine how well the machine performs in various applications.One of the largest part of machine opration costs are the bucket teeth.We at WE provide you smart solutions for tooth point which are application and machine matched.Smooth contour design that provides maximum penetration and resists fatigue.High strength,heat treated alloy steel material for high impact and resist abrasion with system strength,and finally,the change-outs are easy and safe.

Improved penetration reduced load on the engine and hydralic system.
Beautiful durable rock chisel and SYL bucke teeth,special desigh make it more popular.
Extra material designed,maximise wearlife and impact resistance.

Product Range


Motor Grader Blades & End Bits
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