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PC200 Vertical Adapter Komatsu Bucket Parts 205-939-7120

PC200 Vertical Adapter Komatsu Bucket Parts 205-939-7120, Side pin Adapters Two Strap Adaptor, Construction Excavator Bucket Tip Adapter Spare Part for Komatsu, Replacement Komatsu Bucket Teeth Point Holder System, G.E.T China factory


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Product Description

PC200 Vertical Adapter Komatsu Bucket Parts 205-939-7120 Parameter:
Part Number 205-939-7120
Model PC200
Shape Two Strap Adapter, Side pin Adapters
Weight 7.3KG
Hardness 32-40HRC
Impact Value >18J
Match parts information
Teeth 205-70-19570TL/205-70-19570RC/205-70-19570
Pin 09244-02496
Retainer /
Attachment Weld-On
Attributes Komatsu PC120 Adapter with 25mm aperture
Application Komatsu PC120 excavator bucket
Warranty: 2 years

After-sales Service Provided: Video technical support, Online support
Applicable Industries: Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Construction works
following Komatsu Excavator Tooth and Adapter. 5J6805 CATERPILLAR Aftermarket Part Cutting Edge
PC120-7 adapter 205-939-7120, Komatsu Machinery Excavator Bucket Adaptor 423-847-1111, Replacement Komatsu PC300 Vertical Adapter 207-939-3120
PC120-7 tooth PC120-7 SYL
Side Cutter 202-70-63161
Side Cutter 202-70-63162(202-70-63171)
PC200 Tooth 205-70-19570
PC200 HD Tooth 205-70-19570
PC200 SYL Tooth 205-70-19570SYL
PC200 SYL Tooth 205-70-19570 SYL
PC200 SYL Tooth 205-70-19570SYL
PC200 SYL Tooth 20Y-70-K4030
PC200 RC Tooth 205-70-19570RC
PC200 RC Tooth 205-70-19570RC
PC200 RC Tooth 205-70-19570RC
PC200 RCK Tooth 205-70-19570 KRC
PC200 RC HD Tooth 205-70-19570 RC-HD
PC200 TL Tooth 205-70-19570TL
PC200 TL Tooth 205-70-19570TL
PC200-30 vertical Adapter 205-939-7120
PC200-30 vertical Adapter 205-939-7120(30mm)
PC200-30 vertical Adapter 205-939-7120
PC200-35 vertical Adapter 205-939-7120(35mm)
PC200-40 vertical Adapter 205-939-7120(40mm)
PC200-45 vertical Adapter 205-939-7120(45mm)
PC200-30 vertical Adapter 205-70-68141/68140
PC200 Side Cutter 205-70-74180
PC200 Side Cutter 205-70-74190
PC220 Side Cutter
PC300 tooth 207-70-14151
PC300 SYL tooth 207-70-14151 SYL
PC300 RC tooth 207-70-14151RC
PC300 RC tooth 207-70-14151RC
PC300 RCK tooth 207-70-14151 KRC
PC300 RC tooth 207-70-14151RC
PC300 HD RC tooth 207-70-14151 RC-HD
PC300 RC tooth 207-70-14151RC
PC300 RC tooth 207-70-14151RC
PC300 TL tooth 207-70-14280TL
PC300 TL tooth 207-70-14280TL
PC300-40 bevel Adapter 207-70-14142(40mm)
PC300-40 Straight Adapter 207-939-3120(40mm)
PC300-45 vertical Adapter 206-939-3120(45mm)
PC300-50 vertical Adapter 207-939-5120
PC300-50 vertical Adapter 207-939-3120(50mm)
PC300-55 vertical Adapter 207-934-5120(55mm)
PC300 Side Cutter 207-70-34160
PC300 Side Cutter 207-70-34170
PC300 Side Cutter PC300-5 L
PC300 Side Cutter PC300-5 R
PC300 Side Cutter 207-70-34161
PC300 Side Cutter 207-70-34171
PC350 Side Cutter
PC350 Side Cutter
PC360 Sidebar Protection 208-934-7131
PC360 Sidebar Protection 208-934-7132
PC360 Sidebar Protection 209-70-54610
PC400 tooth 208-70-14152
PC400 tooth 208-70-14152
PC400 tooth 208-70-14270
PC400 RC tooth 208-70-14152
PC400 RC tooth 208-70-14152RC
PC400 RC tooth 208-70-14152RC
PC400 RC tooth 208-70-14152RC
PC400 RC tooth 208-70-14152RC
PC400 RCK tooth 208-70-14152 KRC
PC400 TL tooth 208-70-14152TL
PC400 TL tooth 208-70-14152TL
PC400-40 vertical Adapter 208-70-34150(40mm)
PC400-45 vertical Adapter 208-939-3120(45mm)
PC400-50 vertical Adapter 208-934-7120
PC400-50 vertical Adapter 208-939-3120(50mm)
PC400-50 vertical Adapter 208-939-3120
PC400-55 vertical Adapter 208-934-7120
PC400-55 vertical Adapter 208-934-7120(55mm)
PC400-60 vertical Adapter 208-939-5120
PC400-60 vertical Adapter 208-939-5120(60mm)
PC400-60 vertical Adapter 208-939-5120(60mm)
PC400 Side Cutter 208-70-34160
PC400 Side Cutter 208-70-34170
PC360 Side adapter 207-939-7181
PC400 Side adapter 208-934-7180
PC500 tooth
PC500-65 adapter PC500 (65mm)
PC650TL tooth 209-70-54210TL
PC650RC tooth 209-70-54210RC
PC650-80 Bevel adapter 209-70-74140
PC1250-90 Bevel adapter 21N-70-14140(90mm)
PC1250RC tooth 21N-72-14290 RC
PC1250 Adapter PC1250EG51

Product Range


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