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Mining Machine Parts Shaped Wear Bar

Mining Machine Parts Shaped Wear Bar, Wear-Resistant Shaped Wear Bars, shaped wear blocks for bucket crusher excavators mining parts, High Chromiumn and Abrasion resistant shaped wear bar for bucket wear attachment, Shaped wear bars, chocky bars and wear blocks China supplier


Our Advantage

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Product Description

Shaped Wear Bar are designed for prevention of gouging wear and thus allow the buckets or machines to run longer than far less down time for maintenance.There are different shapes to suit specific applications.

Shaped Wear Bars are available in different shapes to suit specific applications. They can be used to replace conventional expensive hard facing and preparation, such as bucket lips, edges for bucket wheels and loaders as well as screens and crates in mineral processing and handling. They offer superior wear life, edge and shape retention and are far more cost effective than conventional hard facing and cut lip protectors or shapes.
Domite shaped wear bars Chrome carbide bimetallic wear parts for Mining industry

laminated 700 HB Wear-resistant Parts are the ideal solution for impact and high abrasion in the following industries:

Earthmoving equipment and transhipment companies
Cement plants
Dredging industry
Recycling industry
Mineral processing industry

laminated 700 HB / 63 HRc Wear-resistant Parts benefits:

Lower operating costs
Longer Service when compared to conventional materials
Increased production
Improved product efficiency
Increased equipment availability

Applications laminated 700 HB / 63 HRc Wear-resistant Parts:

Chutes and liners
Suction mouth dredging industry
Protection of tunnelboring machines
Shredder tips
Protection dragheads dredging industry
Protection earth moving equipment / shovels / buckets

Available in a wide range of sizes, can be used in a combination of our standard lengths to create layouts and patterns. Perfect for corners, edges and hard to reach places, use Bimetallic Wear Bar and Blocks wherever you need impact and wear resistance.
Type: shaped wear bars
Machine Type: crusher bucket excavator
Certification: ASTM 532
Material: Chromium
Processing Type: Casting
Use: Ore Mining
Hardness: 63HRC
Shearing Strength: 210Mpa Min
Impact Toughness: Up to 150J/cm2

Product Range



Wear-Resistant Shaped Wear Bars (1)

shaped wear bar drawing

Part NO. Type A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) F(mm) G(mm) Unit Weight(kgs)
SWB1200 1 200 13 20 20 10 30
SWB1244 1 244 10 25 25 10 35
SWB1202 1 202 10 25 25 10 35
SWB2275 2 275 5 16 21 8 29 16 0.9
SWB3150 3 150 10 40 60 10 70 20 2.4
SWB3200 3 200 3 25 47 12 59
SWB4125 4 125 10 40 80 10 90
SWB4200 4 200 10 25 38 12 50

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