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M&T EXPO in Sao Paulo During This April 23 To 26th---Booth NoE61-4

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M&T EXPO in Sao Paulo During This April 23 To 26th---Booth NoE61-4

微信截图_20240311150632M&T EXPO in Sao Paulo---YASSIAN

We will attend the M&T EXPO in Sao Paulo during this April 23 to 26th. So you are warmly invited to come to this fair. We prepare a special gift for you and we really want to have a furthermore communication with you there.

By face to face conversation, we believe that we could get more information and more potential business with each other. So if you plan to come, please let me know. Our booth No. Is E61-4. I really expect to see you there.

We are manufacturer of various cutting edges, bucket teeth, ripper teeth and other GET parts and undercarriage parts over 20 years with very strict quality control and rich exporting experience.

We have passed ISO and SGS certification and passed factory inspection of our big customer.

The warranty time is 24 months.

So please believe with us your business will be safe.

In your inquiry, there is very few product information. So could you please tell me which parts do you interest? It’s better you can give the OEM part number and the estimated quantity. That will be very helpful for us to give you the accurate quotation.

If you are not sure what you need, we will ask our professional sales staff to introduce some parts to you.

We really hope we could do something to make your work ease or help you get the orders from your customer together.

bucket teethgrader blade


Warranty of Chains:

1.The service life of track chain, products for excavators with 20 tons and below, properly installed in normal working conditions guarantee 2 years or 3200 hours.

2.The 30 tons and 40 tons track chains used in mining conditions under correct installation conditions, the warranty is 1 year or 2000 hours, the earthwork condition is guaranteed for 2 years or 3200 hours.

3.The track chain with 50 tons or above will be guaranteed according to actual working conditions.

4.The company implements the quality assurance policy commitment of "breaking one section and changing another". All chain products warranty active after installed in machines. Within the service life, if the chain rail link is broken, a new chain section (the first section of each chain) shall be replaced.

5.For all chain products, if more than 3 chain sections are broken, replace a new chain.

6.The number of chain links shall be same to the number of sections which delivered by the company, For the self adding and subtracting sections, the additional sections shalt be no warranty.

7.lf the abnormal damage caused by poor or mismatched chassis accessories other than the chain is not in quality coverage:(for example: the chassis is not equipped with chain guard frame, the chainguard frame has been worn, and there is no chain guard function, and the crawler screw loose, screw size is not standard, etc.)


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