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Loader Teeth 312204054 Loader Bucket Tooth Point 1324720 Bucket Teeth

Material:Alloy steel
Colors :Black yellow Or other colors can be customized
Warranty time:2 year
Certification:ISO and SGS certification
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  • 312204054

  • Caterpillar 


Our Advantage

Affordable price                                                            ☑ Customized design is Available                     ☑ T/T, L/C or other payment accepted

☑ Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery                               ☑ Quality guaranteed                                         ☑ Bulk discounts for larger orders

Product Description

Loader Teeth 312204054 Loader Bucket Tooth Point 1324720 Bucket Teeth

Parts name
Parts No.

Parts material
Alloy steel
Parts weight
3.9 kg
Delivery time
30 working days

312204054 (1)

bucket teeth斗齿工厂factory-12

  1. Single Tooth: This is the simplest design, consisting of a single pointed tooth that is attached to the excavator bucket or bulldozer blade. It provides a concentrated force to penetrate and rip through hard materials.

  2. Multi-Tooth: In this design, multiple teeth are arranged in a row or pattern on the attachment. The teeth may be evenly spaced or staggered to increase the ripping efficiency. Multi-tooth ripper attachments can provide better stability and distribution of force, allowing for more effective ripping.

  3. Penetration Teeth: These ripper teeth are designed with a sharp, narrow profile that enables them to penetrate hard surfaces easily. They are particularly useful for breaking up compacted soil, frozen ground, or rock layers.

  4. Chisel Teeth: Chisel teeth have a wider and flatter profile compared to penetration teeth. They are effective for ripping through softer materials such as clay, asphalt, or concrete.

  5. Tiger Teeth: Tiger teeth have a curved shape resembling a tiger's claw. This design provides enhanced ripping ability by combining the penetration of a pointed tooth with the grabbing and tearing action of a curved edge.

  6. Frost Teeth: Frost teeth are specialized ripper attachments designed for excavating frozen ground. They often have a wider, more robust shape to withstand the extreme forces encountered during frost ripping.

  7. Replaceable Teeth: Some ripper attachments feature replaceable teeth, allowing for easy replacement when the teeth wear out or break. This design can be more cost-effective in the long term, as only the teeth need to be replaced rather than the entire attachment.

Popular items blow for reference:

Part number Measurement Description Weigth/kg Model
4T4501 R500 Ripper Tooth 27.5 D10T D10N,D9R 9N
4T4502 R500 Ripper Tooth 28.5 D9,D10,D11,D11N,D10N
4T4503 R500 Ripper Tooth 31.0 D10,D10N,D11,D11N
4T4702PT J700 Bucket Tooth 65.0 E375,994
4T4702RC J700 Bucket Tooth 50.0 TALLA 70,E375,994
4T4702TL J700 Bucket Tooth 38.0 E375,994
4T4703 J700 Bucket Tooth 67.0 TALLA 70
4T4703PT J700 Bucket Tooth 60.0
4T4704 J700 Tooth adapter 85.0 E375,994
4T5451 R450 Ripper Tooth 17.0 D8,D9
4T5452 R450 Ripper Tooth 17.4 D8K,D8L,D8N,D9H,D9N R450
4T5452HD R450 Ripper Tooth 17.4 D8,D9
4T5501 R500 Ripper Tooth 24.0 D10,D11,D9R,D11N,D10N
4T5501HD R500 Ripper Tooth 29.7 D9,D10,D11
Ripper Tip Short 24.0 D9-D11
4T5502 R500 Ripper Tooth 27.0 D9,D10,D11,D10N, D11N
4T5502HD R500 Ripper Tooth 33.3 D9,D10,D11
4T5502TL R500 Ripper Tooth 27.8 D9,D10,D10N,D11N,D11
4T5503 R500 Ripper Teeth 35.0 D9,D10,D11,D10N.D11N
6J8814 R350 Shank protector 14.5 D8,D9,D8L,D8N,D9N,D9H
6Y0309 R300 Ripper Tooth 5.3 D4,963,955,951,160H,140,130,14,12
6Y0309TL R300 Ripper Tooth 4.5 D4,955
6Y0352 R350 Ripper Tooth 10.9 D5,D6,D7,977,983
6Y0352TL R350 Ripper Tooth 10.5 D5,D6,D7
6Y0359 R350 Ripper Tooth 10.2 D5,D6,D7,977,973,16,983
6Y0469 J350 Unitooth, Gap38 23.5 966D,980F
6Y2553 J550 Bucket Tooth 27.6 E345,E350,988G,992D
6Y2553HD J550 Bucket Tooth 33.0
6Y3222 J225 Bucket teeth 2.1 E307,EX70,933
6Y3222RC J225 Bucket Tooth 2.8 E307,EX70,933
6Y3222V J225 Tooth 2.0
6Y3224 J225 Weld on Adapter 2.7 E307,EX70
6Y3254 J250 Weld on Adapter 4.1 E311,E312
6Y3552 R550 Ripper Tooth 50.0 D11SS,D11DR


YASSIAN sales team strives to consistently provide superior customer service through each step of the ordering process, including helping you to quickly identify the parts you need, providing a quick quotation, give professional suggestions during the whole communication that can save you time and money in the long run. They will also do everything and consider every detail they can to expedite your order and reduce downtime.

We have a wide range of different OEM part number of cutting edges and end bits for excavators, graders, bulldozers, wheel loaders, Scraper, skid steer, backhoe and other machines. We can also make dimensions as your request. If you don’t know the part number of the cutting edges and end bits, please refer to our blank drawings and just tell us the size needed and we will provide you professional drawings for your check. Regarding bucket teeth, please send us the detailed drawing of teeth or adapter, or please send us an sample and then we can manufacture the item for you.

YASSIAN can paint our parts in different color like yellow, red, black, green, blue or others as your requirement. Please send us the color picture or the RAL color card number.

Tungsten carbide cutting edges and serrated cutting edges are both available. Please contact us for more details. We are sure you will be satisfied with our professional team service.

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