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J-Series Excavator Base Edge 6I5248

J-Series Excavator Base Edge 6I5248, Single Bevel Cutting Edges Flat Blade CAT, Replacement Bucket Cutting Edge, Caterpillar Loader Cutting Edge, J-Series Base Edge Assembly, construction spare parts high carbon blade and cutting edge, Loader AND Excavator Center edges cutting and end bits


Our Advantage

Affordable price                                                            ☑ Customized design is Available                     ☑ T/T, L/C or other payment accepted

☑ Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery                               ☑ Quality guaranteed                                         ☑ Bulk discounts for larger orders

Product Description

J-Series Excavator Base Edge 6I5248 Parameter:

Manufacturer: YASSIAN
Part No.: 6I5248
Description: Single bevel cutting edge
Applied Machine: Caterpillar EXCAVATOR / Loader
Material: Carbon steel, Boron steel (30MnB)
Hardness: HB300-350, HB400-450
Weight: 112Kg
Width: 300mm
Thickness: 40mm
Length: 1250mm

320-A N 320B LL 325-A 320B FM LL 320-A L 325C, 325-A L 330-A 330-A L 330 L 320B, 325-A FM L 325B, 325 L 320N, 320-A 320 L 325B L

1. material : 30MnB or 80#
2. hardness: (45-50)HRC
3. delivery time: 20 work days after contract established
4. ISO9001:2008 certification
5. OEM service custom design
6. cutting edge, end bits, half arrow, grader blade and etc

J-Series Base Edge Assembly
Offering unparalleled manufacturing precision, Cat® j-series base edge assemblies provide an increased durability and can improve your productivity of your machine. Our Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T) are designed specifically for the DNA of your Cat iron and deliver consistent, superior protection.
Cat base edge assemblies are designed to provide moderate impact and abrasion resistance to allow them to perform across a variety of applications boosting your machines versatility. They are designed to optimize machine performance and to reduce the time required to install and replace your base edges, and reduce downtime by maintaining a long wear.
Manufactured from steel with properties that maintain hardness for long wear life, our durable base edge assemblies make it possible for your machines to deliver the performance you demand. Protect your investment by always choosing genuine Cat Ground Engaging Tools.

• Moderate impact and abrasion resistance

• Loaders and excavators

Product Advantage Of forging and casting
casting parts
1.Quality Guarantee
–Mechanical, chemical and microstructure test
–Test with flaw detector after rough machining
–Completed quality control system
–Long warranty time.
2.Quality Document
–Mechanical, chemical and microstructure test report
–Quality Control Report
3.Packing and Shipping
–Standard export package(carton/wooden case/iron case/pallet)
–FOB, FAS, CNF,CIF,CFR, door to door, etc accepted, or customer designated shipping agent
–Prompt delivery. 3G6364 Single Bevel Cutting Edges Blade CAT

Part NumberMeasurement (mm)DescriptionBrandWeight(Kgs)
425-70-12213032mmX300mmX35mm  Φ36X18SBF Cutting EdgeKomatsu233
425-70-11222920mmX268mmX30mm  Φ28.5X24SBF Cutting EdgeKomatsu168
425-70-11603312mmX300mmX45mm  Φ36X30SBF Cutting EdgeKomatsu321.9
7V41883315mmX300mmX40mm  Φ36X18SBF Cutting EdgeCAT293
9V65743314.2mmX304.8mmX45mm  Φ35X30SBF Cutting EdgeCAT332
6W29862413mmX245mmX25mm  Φ27X30SBF Cutting EdgeCAT112
5V46612407.4mmX245mmX25mm  Φ27X16SBF Cutting EdgeCAT115
5V74232439mmX245mmX25mm  Φ27X18SBF Cutting EdgeCAT111
5V72762614mmX245mmX25mm  Φ27X18SBF Cutting EdgeCAT125
141-48472920.2mmX282mmX30mm  Φ27X30SBF Cutting EdgeCAT176
9V65293030mmX282mmX30mm  Φ35X30SBF Cutting EdgeCAT190
5G30852150.4mmX190.5mmX19mm  Φ20.6X14SBF Cutting EdgeCAT60
5G28092079.6mmX190.5mmX19mm  Φ20.6X14SBF Cutting EdgeCAT58
5G83422364.7mmX190.5mmX19mm  Φ20.6X28SBF Cutting EdgeCAT64
9V65753041.7mmX304.8mmX40mm  Φ35X30SBF Cutting EdgeCAT268.2
6W29892840mmX282mmX30mm  Φ36X12SBF Cutting EdgeCAT178
6I52481250mmX300mmX40mmSBF Cutting EdgeCAT112
6I52341350mmX300mmX40mmSBF Cutting EdgeCAT121
3G63641300mmX300mmX35mmSBF Cutting EdgeCAT102
105-23452681mmX245mmX25mm  Φ27X28SBF Cutting EdgeCAT116.2
6W29852639mmX245mmX25mm  Φ28X28SBF Cutting EdgeCAT113.5
6W29902856mmX282mmX30mm  Φ36X30SBF Cutting EdgeCAT169.1
5V46962736mmX282mmX30mm  Φ28X18SBF Cutting EdgeCAT166.2
9R46722262mmX150mmX19mm  Φ17.5X16SBF Cutting EdgeCAT47
9R53132396mmX150mmX19mm  Φ17.5X30SBF Cutting EdgeCAT48
8K97542921mmX267mmX30mm  Φ28X24SBF Cutting EdgeCAT169
8K81622673mmX245mmX25mm  Φ27X20SBF Cutting EdgeCAT118.2
4E06592524mmX245mmX25mm  Φ27.5X28SBF Cutting EdgeCAT109.5
9V65722370mmX245mmX25mm  Φ27.5X28SBF Cutting EdgeCAT103.6
9V65732734.5mmX282mmX30mm  Φ28X30SBF Cutting EdgeCAT167.5
8V18252641.6mmX250mmX25mm  Φ28X16SBF Cutting EdgeCAT119.6
7V09042854mmX270mmX30mm  Φ36X18SBF Cutting EdgeCAT167
9W6575-HD3036mmX300mmX40mm  Φ35X30SBF Cutting EdgeCAT264
8K81612438mmX245mmX25mm  Φ27X18SBF Cutting EdgeCAT110.5
5V74102744mmX245mmX25mm  Φ27.5X12SBF Cutting EdgeCAT121.9
7V14903041mmX304mmX40mm  Φ35X18SBF Cutting EdgeCAT271
7I30153193mmX300mmX40mm  Φ36X30SBF Cutting EdgeCAT277

Product Range


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