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Hitachi-FIAT Helilok Conical Weld-On Adapter 45S

Hitachi-FIAT Helilok Conical Weld-On Adapter 45S, Top Pinned ADAPTER CENTER, Replaceable Backhoe Loader Excavator Adopter, Replacement Mini Hydraulic Excavator Bucket Adapter China Supplier


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Affordable price                                                            ☑ Customized design is Available                     ☑ T/T, L/C or other payment accepted

☑ Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery                               ☑ Quality guaranteed                                         ☑ Bulk discounts for larger orders

Product Description

Hitachi-FIAT Helilok Conical Weld-On Adapter 45S SPECIFICATIONS
Replacement Brand Hitachi-FIAT
Application Mini Excavator, Skid Steer Loader
Material High spec alloy steel
Production Method Lost Wax investment casting
Hardness HRC46-52
Impact ≥20J
Tensile Strength ≥1400Rm-N/mm²
Package Details Export plywood case
Delivery time 15-30 days
Samples Offer samples for free, but freight collect.
Related items 35S, 40S, 55S, 30S …
MOQ For one order, a total of 1000kgs
Certification ISO9001:2008
Type of Business Manufacturer

Recommended where a good penetration is required, easy to clean, flat bucket bottom leaves a smooth finish.
ADAPTERS For Loaders (normally)
Available for all Caterpillar Loaders, these adapters are welded to the top of the base edge. This leaves a flut bucket bottom to provide a smooth surface for easy clean-up or where material being worked seriously affects tire life.

Bottom Strap Adapter
Double Strap Adapter (Bolt-on)
These adapters provide good edge protection in general loading applications where a smooth working surface is not necessary.
Double Strap Adapter (Weld-on)
Double Strap Shouldered Adapter ( Weld-on )

Bucket capacity:
Bucket width should be at least as wide as the outside width of the tires or tracks. If not, you will not be able to dig or scoop in one pass. The tires or tracks will ride on the material and the bucket will not remove that material. In contrast, buckets that exceed the capacity rating of the machine risk imbalance and tipping due to load size. In addition, larger buckets can handicap the operator’s vision if installed on a smaller machine. Keech Bucket Protector Heel Shroud HS188

General purpose penetration tooth with extra wear material and higher productivity. Optimization of wearing.
Better performance
High-quality alloys / Longer wear-life
Self-sharpening / Higher penetration

These adapters have an excellent hold, along with good protection of the blade. Provides for an easy and quick change of teeth.

Product Range


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