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Half Arrowhead Blades Cat Protection 3440352 3440353 3440354

Half Arrowhead Blades 3440352 3440353 3440354, China Caterpillar Replacement Weld-On Half Arrow Edges, CAT Wheel Loader Smooth Half Arrow Edges, Casting Half Arrow Edge for Loader & Excavator Buckets Manufacturer


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Product Description

Half Arrowhead Blades 3440352 3440353 3440354 Feature:
Part No.: 3440352
Length (in): 45.6
Thickness(in): 1.57

Part No.: 3440353
Length (in): 78.0
Thickness(in): 1.57

Part No.: 3440354
Length (in): 78.0
Thickness(in): 1.57
Type: Half Arrow Edge Protection
Material: High carbon steel or Boron steel
Compatible Machine Models: CAT
Made in China

Half arrows allow for a smooth transition of material over the base edge to protect the leading edge.
Half Arrow Edge Protection
Half arrows cover the leading edge for smooth material transition.
Weld-on half arrow edges can be used to customize a bucket with sidebar protection, as side cutters to improve penetration or as segments between teeth to reduce scalloping.

YASSIAN Caterpillar Replacement Half Arrow
Maximize the productivity of your wheel loader with our loader segments
✓ Work on any material under the toughest conditions
✓ Protect the leading edge
✓ Improve penetration
✓ Increase bucket capacity

Properly managing your machine’s cutting-edge system helps improve productivity, reduces machine downtime, and can ultimately lead to higher returns on your investment.

Half Arrow Profiles China Half Arrow Edges Manufacturer
The steel profiles are made of weldable rolled steel and are provided with a welding bevel. These profiles are suitable for cutting edges for snow cleaning equipment, light duty loader bucket cutting edges and for reinforcing the sides of loader buckets, small excavator buckets, etc.

YASSIAN Half Arrow Style Cutting Edges
In certain applications half arrow style cutting edges have proven to be cost effective in fighting wear. They offer extra protection of the bucket base edge, as material is beveled over the leading edge.
Half Arrow Profile (HA)
Used for Loader and Excavator cutting edges, providing more wear material than the DBF profile.
Made from G450 Abrasion Resistant steel – this edge can be welded or bolted on.
Also used on bucket sides for wear protection or to increase capacity.

Product Range


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