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CAT & Komatsu tooth-pins

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CAT & Komatsu tooth-pins

CAT & Komatsu tooth-pins


1 PC60 ¢17X68 PC60
2 20X-70-00100 ¢19.7X71.5 PC100
3 09244-02489 ¢24.7X88.5 PC120
4 09244-02496 ¢24.7X96 PC200
5 09244-02516 ¢24.7X117 PC300
6 09244-03036 ¢29.7X145 PC400
7 209-70-54240 ¢35.8X175 PC650
8 21N-72-14330 ¢39.8X176 PC1250
9 113-78-21170 ¢24.8X70 PC400
10 21N-939-3330 ¢29.8X96 PC700
11 09244-02496 ¢24.7X96 D40-D53
12 175-78-21740 175-78-21810 ¢25X117 D60-D155
13 09244-02508 ¢24.7X113 D275
14 195-78-71360 ¢29.7X117 D375
15 09244-03036 ¢29.7X145 D455
16 198-78-21340PL 198-78-21410 ¢29.7X152 D475
17 426-847-1130 ¢29.7X136 WA500
18 427-70-13770 ¢37.3X150 WA600-WA700


1 8E6208 1U4208 9W7112 ¢11.1X62 8E6209 4T0001 9J4209 ¢19X6.3 J200
2 6Y3228 1324762 ¢14.3X67 8E6259 3G9609 1330699 ¢27X8.2 J225
3 8E6258 9J2258 8J4258 ¢14.3X80 8E6259 3G9609 8J5309 1330699 ¢27X8.2 J250
4 9J2308 1073308 8J5308 ¢14.3X92 8E6259 3G9609 8J5309 1330699 ¢27X8.2 J300
5 8E6358 9J2358 9W2678 1140358 ¢19X105 8E6359 3G9549 7J6845 1140359 ¢35X8.3 J350
6 7T3408 1167408 ¢22.2X118 8E8409 1167409 ¢38.1X8.2 J400
7 6Y2527 1U1458 9W8296 4T1458 9W1458 ¢19X133 8E6359 1140359 3G9549 7J6845 ¢35X8.3 J450
8 8E0468 1040468 ¢23.8X133 8E8469 1073469 ¢38.1X8 J460
9 6Y8558 1U1558 9W9026 1073378 ¢25.4X162 3G9559 8E5559 7J9559 1078559 ¢47.6X8 J550
10 6I6608 1139608 ¢30.1X194 6I6609 1139609 ¢50.8X7.5 J600
11 4T4708 ¢32X195 4T4707 6Y1202 1134709 ¢64X9 J700
12 1020101 1341808 ¢35X240 1012874 1341809 ¢68X9 J800
13 LC800 B ¢35X246
14 1368308/9W2668/9J6583 ¢19X89 1U2405 ¢38X9 R300
15 8E6358 9J2358 9W2678 1140358 ¢19X105 1140359 ¢35X8.3 R350
16 6Y3394 ¢25.4X127 8E4743 ¢47.6X8 R450
17 6Y3909 6Y1204 ¢31.8X142 4T4707 6Y1202 ¢64X9 R500
18 8E2229 ¢35X172 1012874 1341809 ¢68.2X9.2 R550

NingBo YASSIAN Machinery Spare Parts Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer and wholesaler of Precision casting products. Our company is primarily involved in the development and sales of bucket teeth and adapters of Ground engaging tools parts,for ground digging and earth moving.

We focus on the efforts in the areas of BUCKET TEETH, ADAPTERS, and NEW-TYPE DEVELOPMENT. The teeth and adapters could replace the original parts of CATERPILLAR, KOMATSU,JCB, ESCO, KOBELCO, HYUNDAI, HITACHI,DAEWOO and so on.

Our company can also provide the most satisfactory OEM casting products according to the customers drawings and requirements.

If you could send us detailed drawings, specifications, quality requirement, and actual samples which would be highly appreciated, we will provide you not only the most satisfactory process service but also very competitive price.

If you have any needs, pls feel free to contact us.

Komatsu Motorgrader GD655 End Bit 23B-70-31271

234-70-12213 Komatsu Curved Grader Overlay

Low Price Motor Grader Overlay End Bits 234-70-12212

23D-70-11360 Moldboard End Bit fit Motor Grader

Road Construction Machinery Parts Grader Motor Part End Bit 237-70-22150

HB500 Motor Grader End Bit 234-70-12232

Motor Grader Blades & End Bits
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