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Bucket Teeth Introduction

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Bucket Teeth Introduction

1. Bucket Teeth Manufacturing process:

Bucket teeth are generally divided into casting bucket teeth, forging bucket teeth and coated sand bucket teeth from the manufacturing method, the performance of the three manufacturing methods are different. Generally speaking, forging bucket teeth more wear-resistant, harder, longer service life, is 2 times the casting bucket teeth, the price is only 1.5 times.

Casting bucket teeth: The liquid metal is cast into the casting cavity suitable for the shape of the parts, and after cooling and solidification, the method is called casting. Casting parts are easy to produce pores, forming trachoma, and its mechanical properties, wear resistance and service life are lower than forgings.

Forging bucket teeth: The forging machine is used to exert pressure on the special metal blank and extrude it at high temperature to refine the crystal material in the forging and make it produce plastic deformation to obtain certain mechanical properties. After forging, the metal can improve its structure and ensure that the forging bucket teeth have good mechanical properties, wear resistance and service life.

2. Bucket Teeth process :

Pattern Design —Wax Injection —Wax Model Assembling —Shell Coation —Dewaxing —Model Shell Baking —Melting —Compound Analyze —Pouring —Sand Stripping —Inspection —Polishing —Heat Treatment —Shot Blasting —Inspection —Painting –Packing and warehouse

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3. How to choose right and better bucket teeth:

It is best way to provide original part number, but if you don’t know its part number, you can send its picture and tell us your machine and its working places of your bucket teeth, earth work, rocking work, or ice land?

(1)A good quality bucket teeth are generally marked clear, but almost no mark or mark rough.

(2)Good bucket tooth side wall is thicker, seat groove and root closely, on the contrary, poor quality of the side wall is thinner, seat groove and the front of the root clearance is generally too large.

(3) From the process differentiation, good bucket teeth generally use forging process, poor quality of the general use of casting process, because the forging process density is high, so the bucket teeth not only high hardness and wear resistance is very good.

The tip of the high quality bucket teeth will be significantly worse than the poor thickness, which is why the ordinary bucket teeth are worn thin for a period of time.

4. Different types of bucket teeth and their use:

bucket teeth in the process of use to see the working environment, to determine the specific bucket tooth type:

Flat head bucket teeth are used in generally excavating soil, weathered sand, coal, etc


RC type bucket teeth are used in digging block hard rock


TL type bucket teeth are used in digging block coal seam generally


please notice: TL bucket teeth can improve the rate of coal block, in practical use often users like general RC bucket teeth.

It is recommended not to use RC type bucket teeth in special cases, and it is best to use flat head bucket teeth, because RC type bucket teeth with a period of time in front of wear, like "fist" increases the digging resistance, waste power, but flat mouth bucket teeth in the wear process always maintain a sharp surface, reduce digging resistance, save fuel.

5. How to maintain bucket teeth:

1. Practice has proved that in the use of excavator bucket teeth, the wear of the outermost bucket teeth is 30% faster than that of the innermost bucket teeth. It is suggested that after a period of time, the bucket teeth should be changed from inside to outside.

2. The wear condition of the tooth seat is also very important to the service life of the excavator bucket tooth. It is recommended to replace the tooth seat after the tooth seat is worn off by 10% - 15%. Because the wear is too large between the tooth seat and the bucket teeth there is a large gap, so that the bucket teeth and the tooth seat, and the force point has changed, the bucket teeth because of the force point change and fracture.

3. The excavator driver should pay attention to the Angle operation of excavation in the operation, try to master the excavation, bucket teeth when digging perpendicular to the working face, or the inclination Angle is not greater than 120 degrees, avoid breaking bucket teeth due to excessive dip Angle, but also pay attention not to swing the mining arm left and right under the condition of greater resistance, which will make bucket teeth and tooth base due to excessive force and fracture. Because most types of bucket tooth mechanical design principle, did not consider the force design.

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