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6Y3254 Caterpillar Digging Bucket Tooth Adapter for J250

6Y3254 Caterpillar Digging Bucket Tooth Adapter for J250, CAT style J250 Caterpillar Adapter Strap teeth holder system, Replacement Caterpillar Digger Bucket Adaptor For Excavator Loader Backhoe, GET Spare Parts Factory

  • Caterpillar 

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Product Description

6Y3254 Caterpillar Digging Bucket Tooth Adapter for J250 Feature:

Part Number: 6Y3254/6Y-3254

Description: CAT tooth adapter

Brand: Caterpillar

Color: Carterpillar Yellow or others

Weight: 4.1 KGS

Applied Machine: Loader, Excavator

Applied Machine Models: J250

Production Method: Casting

Material: Alloy steel

Chemical Component: Please contact with our sales to know details.

Hardness: HB 470-520

Impact: ≥15J (25ºC)

Tensile Strength: ≥1450Rm-N/mm²

Yield Strength: ≥1100Re-N/mm²

Various shapes of bucket adapters fit your brand machinery bucket tooth point system … Caterpillar style Digging Bucket Tooth Assembly for J250 1U3252, Caterpillar Casting Parts 6I6464 Bucket Tooth Adapter, 4T4704 Caterpillar Bucket Wear Parts J700 Bucket Adapter

Type 1 – Bottom Mount Adapter

Type 2 – Bottom Mount with Hook Adapter

Type 3 – Flush Mount Adapter

Type 4 – Leg & Half Adapter

Full Top, 1/2 Bottom

Type 5 – Tooth Bar Adapter

Type 6 – Loader Adapter

Full Top, 3/4 Bottom

Type 7 – Excavator Adapter

3/4 Top, Full Bottom

Type 8 – Bolt-on Adapter

Part NumberDescriptionWeight (Kgs)Suit for Machine
135-9356Side pin  Adapter
972G II,966G II,966G,972M,972G,966H,966M,966F II
135-9355Side pin  Adapter
972G II,966G II,972G,966G,972M,966H,966M,966F II
135-9354Side pin  Adapter12.76966G,972G II,966G II,972G,972M,966M,966H,966F II
3G8356Weld on Adapter8.7E320,E322,966D,980F
3G8355Weld on Adapter8.7E320,E322,966D,980F
1U1350Weld on Adapter9.8E320,E322,966D,980F
8J4310Weld on Adapter9E320,E322
8J3350Bucket Tooth8.2E320,E322,966D,980F
135-9357Bucket Tooth7E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352WTLBucket Tooth7E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352TLBucket Tooth5.3E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352RCLBucket Tooth7E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352RBucket Tooth7.9E320,E322,966D,980F
1359357Bucket Tooth7E320,E322,966D,980F
9W2359Bucket Tooth5.3E320,E322,966D,980F
9N4353RBucket Tooth9
1681359Bucket Tooth7.1
LC350RCBucket Tooth6.9
1U3352RHBucket Tooth11
1U3352RLBucket Tooth

1U3352RPBucket Tooth10.4E320,E322,966D,980F
3G8354Weld on Adapter9.7E320,E322
1U3352CBucket Tooth6.7
1441358Bucket Tooth10.9E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352KBucket Tooth7.2
1U3352SYLBucket Tooth6.8E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352PBucket Tooth5.4
1U3352WTBucket Tooth6.7
1U1889Bold on Bucket teeth29.5966D,980F
1U1888Bold on Bucket teeth38966D,980F
1U1359Teeth Adapter23.4
1U1358Teeth Adapter23.4
1U1357Bold on Adaptor18.5966D,980F
9J4359Bucket Tooth4.9E320,E322,966D,980F
9N4353Bucket Tooth10.2E320,E322,966D,980F
9N4352Bucket Tooth8.6E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3351Bucket Tooth4.8E320,E322,966D,980F
1U3352TBucket Tooth6.3
4T2353Bucket Tooth10.3
3G5359Corner adapter23.9966D,980F
3G5358Corner adapter23.8966D,980F
3G3357Bold on adaper16.7966D,980F
8E5359Corner adapter17966D,980F
8E5358Corner adapter17966D,980F
096-4748Side cutter12E320,E322
096-4747Side cutter12E320,E322
1U3352PTBucket Tooth12.5TALLA 35
1U3352RCBucket Tooth6.9TALLA 35,E320,E322,966D,980F
6I6356Weld on Adapter9.6E320,E322,966D,980F
6I6355Weld on Adapter9.6E320,E322,966D,980F
6I6354Weld on Adapter9.7E320,E322
1U3352Bucket tooth6.2TALLA 35,E320,E322,966D,980F
1U1354Teeth Adapter14.9966D,980F


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