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5 Tips For Buying A New Wheel Loader

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5 Tips For Buying A New Wheel Loader

5 Tips For Buying A New Wheel Loader

Buying a new wheel loader is a big investment so you have to make sure you get your money’s worth

Wheel loaders are some of the most versatile heavy equipment, suitable for any attachment and any application. They are used in many industries especially in construction for daily operations.

Hence, when buying a new wheel loader, you want only the best wheel loader that can perform tasks efficiently.

Tips For Buying A New Wheel Loader
So, here are some things to consider when buying a new wheel loader to help ensure you invest in the right wheel loader.

Size of the wheel loader
Bucket type
Type of attachment


5 Tips For Buying A New Wheel Loader

Size of the wheel loader
Wheel loader comes in different sizes. There are big, mid-size and compact wheel loaders. For every industry, the applications are different. For example, in the timber industry, wheel loaders are used to cut and transport logs from one place to another.

Meanwhile, in construction, they are mainly used for excavation. So, before you purchase one, consider the jobs it will be used for. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind the volume, size, weight of the material it will be working with.

If you’re dealing with a large amount of material daily, it is a good idea to get a big wheel loader instead of its smaller counterparts. This is because the bigger the wheel loader, the bigger the capacity it can handle.

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Wheel loader makes it easier for industries to move their materials around on sites. Hence, a wheel loader that underperforms and easily breaks down after several uses is not ideal. You would want to invest in heavy machinery that can perform well even in tough conditions.

So, you should definitely consider the durability and reliability of the machine before buying it. It is advisable to do a thorough quality check and the most important tip is to check the wheel loaders tipping load.

A good wheel loader can consistently carry loads in the most efficient time possible, can withstand any conditions, and is easy to use.

Bucket types
Bucket is the most common attachment for wheel loader. In fact, it is one of the most essential components of a wheel loader.

This is because buckets are mainly responsible for digging materials such as dirt, logs, and other industry-specific materials.

Wheel loader bucket comes in different capacities, ranging from 0.65 cubic yards up to 32 cubic yards. Apart from the capacity, you would also want to look out for its breakout force which is a measurement of how much force the bucket can exert.

Thus, choose a wheel loader bucket that matches your applications.

Type of attachment
Wheel loader is a versatile machine that is suitable for any kind of attachment. Nevertheless, the right attachment can improve the efficiency of the wheel loader.

So, to identify what type of attachments you need for your wheel loader, you should first determine the activities your wheel loader has to perform on a daily basis. Some of the common attachments are buckets, forks, and grapples.

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Some attachments may be costly, but they will benefit you in the long run as your wheel loader can perform more efficiently and productively.

Comfort is undoubtedly another important aspect to keep in mind when buying a new wheel loader. Some operators may have to work long hours in sites which can lead to fatigue and whatnot.

As a responsible contractor, you must ensure the safety and comfort of your operator. This will also benefit you in terms of efficiency and productivity.

For instance, there may be bumps on the ground they’re working on which can be uncomfortable for the operator. So, the seat of the wheel loader should at least offer enough comfort for your operators.

Buy A New Wheel Loader
We are committed to equipping your projects with ideal and well-inspected Changlin construction machinery no matter the industry. That being said, our wheel loaders are the best in quality and have the lowest price in the industry.

Therefore, ensure that you get in touch with a certified and reliable heavy machinery supplier in Malaysia like us.

Stuck deciding on how to choose them for your projects? Get in touch with our attentive sales team and they will guide you through.

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