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2 X 16 X 8 inch Weld-on Single Bevel Flat Excavator Cutting Edge

2 X 16 X 8 inch Weld-on Single Bevel Flat Excavator Cutting Edge, Weld On Replacement Excavator Base Edges, Excavator Bucket Cutting Edge, Caterpillar Style FSB Blades China Manufacturer


Our Advantage

Affordable price                                                            ☑ Customized design is Available                     ☑ T/T, L/C or other payment accepted

☑ Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery                               ☑ Quality guaranteed                                         ☑ Bulk discounts for larger orders

Product Description

2 X 16 X 8 inch Weld-on Single Bevel Flat Excavator Cutting Edge Feature:
Type: SBF or FSB
Size: 2 inch X 16 inch X 8 inch
Material: 16Mn: HB350±20, 30MnB:HB460±20
Compatible Machine Models: Custom
Made in China

Caterpillar style weld on flat single bevel excavator cutting edge. This is a FSB, flat single bevel 8 foot cutting edge that is 2” thick, 16” wide and 8’ in length.

Weight: 850.98 lb / 386 kg

Excavator buckets can fail due to corrosion or due to heavy usage that literally wears away the steel or breaks the welds. Weld on edges makes installation of bolt-on cutting edges easy. Weld on cutting edges come with pre-punched bolt holes for easy installation.

Bolt on edges are reversible for prolonged use and are very easy to install, when you need a long wearing edge for a loader bucket, call us. Edges are available as bolt on or weld on style. Bolt on edge systems let you quickly change edges on the fly and also extend the life of the bucket base edge and corners. Bolt on edges can be reversed for extended wear life.

YASSIAN provides a variety of loader cutting edges that fit most models of excavator buckets and backhoe buckets. Edges for excavators and backhoes are designed specifically for the demands of heavy equipment use and abuse. They are available in various lengths and thicknesses.

Product Range


Packaging Details:
International standard pallet or wood case.
1. one 20GP can load about 12-14 pieces 1.0m3 or 1.2m3 buckets for 20ton excavator(Width less than 42 inches )
2. one 40HC can load about 26-28 pieces 1.0m3 or 1.2m3 buckets for 20ton excavator;
3. one 20GP can load about 8 pieces 1.6m3 buckets for 30ton excavator;
4. one 40HC can load about 16 pieces 1.6m3 buckets for 30ton excavator.

Product Name excavator/bulldozer undercarriage parts End bit cutting edge
Product Information undercarriage parts
Material Carbon steel or Boron steel 35mnB
Finish Smooth
Colors Black or yellow
Technique Forging & casting
Warranty time 1500 hour (Normal life 4000hours )
MOQ 2 pieces
Delivery Time Within 30 days after contract established
Package In strong fumigate wooden pallet packing
Business Scope Bulldozer & excavator undercarriage parts , underground engage tools etc.

Motor Grader Blades & End Bits
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