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121-6660, 1216660 Caterpillar Loader 994 F Spade Nose Base Edge

121-6660, 1216660 Caterpillar Loader 994 F Spade Nose Base Edge, Loader Spade Blade 100mm, Spade Base Edge, Replaceable CAT INTEGRATED TOOLCARRIER WHEEL Loader Center Blade Cutting Edges, CAT Weld-on Base Edge Wear Parts, superior protection blades, Caterpillar Blade China Factory


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Product Description

121-6660, 1216660 Caterpillar Loader 994 F Spade Nose Base Edge Parameter:
Part No. 121-6660, 1216660
Manufacturer: YASSIAN
Machine Type: Loader
Blade Position: Center Blade
WEIGHT 3765 Kg.
WIDE 1010mm
LENGTH 6220mm

Cat weld-on base edges are designed to provide moderate impact and abrasion resistance to allow them to perform across a variety of applications boosting your machines versatility. They are designed to optimize machine performance and to reduce the time required to install and replace your base edges, and reduce downtime by maintaining a long wear.

Manufactured from steel with properties that maintain hardness for long wear life, our durable base edges make it possible for your machines to deliver the performance you demand. Protect your investment by always choosing genuine Cat Ground Engaging Tools. CAT Loader Blade 25mm 105-2345, 1052345, 121-2105, 1212105 Caterpillar Loader Spade Blade 100mm
• Moderate impact and abrasion resistance
• Loaders

supplies the following Blades/Cutting Edges/End Bits for CAT loader. 7J2980 9W3927 1122475 8E4197 8E4196 8E4539 8E4540 8E4197HC 8E4196HC 8E4539HC 8E4540HC 9W3928 9W6657 1359625 8E2086 8E4199 8E4198 8E4541 8E4542 2755941 2755942 8E4199HC 8E4198HC 8E4541HC 8E4542HC 7T4689 7T4688 7T4689-24 7T4688-24 1003131 1003132 1003133 1003134 1368755 1368754 9W4398 7T9126 7J2959 9W4507 1359698 1359699 6Y0018 6Y0023 1359671 7J2966 1359672 1359673 9W6658 8E2087 8E2086 8E2087-24 1359579 5G6133 5G3085 5G2807 5G2806 4T2913 4T2914 1957134 1957133 1282873 7T8935 5G5764 5G5770 5G5769 5G8763 9W8694 1957140 1957139 1282872 9W9640 5G8526 9V6572 5V4670 4V1544 4V1545 6I8310 6I8311 2530060 2530061 1U0295 4T8091 9W3486 9W3487 9W3481 9W3482 4T6694 1321035 4T6694HA 9V9755BASE 4V8285 4V8286 5G8342 9W8620 1957137 5G8912 1281489 4E0659 8E4567 1356728 1356729 8E4569 4E2483 1052345 1073746 1073746HARR 1073746HARL 1386425 1386560 1073298 1073299 4T6695 1321037 4T6695HA 1414847 8E5300 8E5301 2530062 2530063 1399230 4T8101 1359666 1321033 1399230HAN 4T8101HA 1380672 1380673 9W3488 9W3489 1324715 1407601 1388938 9R5205 9R5206 1324723 1324723PB 1324720 1605334 1388932 1324724 1324724PB 1605335 1521051 1324719 1324719PB 1388937 1324725 1324725PB 1471040 6S6500 4T2920 4T2918 5G2807 5G2806 5G8763 5G2809 4T8796 1957132 1957131 6S4738 6W2984 1U0607 9W3483 8K8161 8K6455 8K6456 1U1465 1U1464 1321026 1321027 9W3469 9W3470 9W3471 1V3916 4T8077 4T6694 4T6693 5V4670 9V4484 8Y4738 5G8467 4T6693HA 1321036 5G3477 6Y6362 9W9943 9W9944 4T2915 1957136 1957135 8Y5291 5G2808 4T2911 4T2910 1957130 6S6501 6S3237 6S3238 4T2919 5G2395 6S3238 4T2912 1957138 6S7291 6S3237 5G1523 4T8796 6W2985 8V1825 8V7619 1U0292 9W3484 9W3485 9V5705 9V4484 9V9072 1063192BASE 1104781 1104712 1104711 1239195 1239196 8Y8763 1006359 6W2977 4T6691 8K6452 1U1467 9K8471 6W2977 7K6108 4K6103 4T8073 4K6104 9V6571 4V8335 9V5110 9V6570 4V8850 1V9077 4T8079 6W2976 8V7453 4T9563 4T8072 4T8082 4T6692 4T6692HA 6W2986 5V7277

109-9230 5d9553 4t8796 4t6239/40 9j1539/40 112-2471 5d9554 4t8799 4t6505/06 112-2472 5d9556 4t8940 4t6667/68 5j6921/22 112-80-00016 5d9557 4t9585/6y5540 4t8090 112-83-00017 5d9558 4t9586 5a4565/66 112-83-00018 5d9559 4t9587/6y5540 5j1279/80 1j1985/86 112-83-00019 5d9561 4t9836 5j8767/68 112-946-1510 5j6888 5v7276 6j0275/76, 112-9033, 1129033 CAT Loader Bucket Spade Blade 75mm

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