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Yassian is not a trader but a manufacturer. You can save a lot of money by purchasing directly from us. We have a long-term partnership with the world's largest steel maker, Baosteel, to ensure cost advantages on our ground-engaging products.
We have everything you need for aftermarket parts for your favorite brands and styles, OEM and ODM services are available to make parts to your specifications.
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Bucket Cutting Edge

Yassian bucket cutting edge is constructed of hardened steel to last for a superior cutting life.
We provide any type of bucket cutting edge you need, such as skid steer bucket cutting edge, loader bucket cutting edge, tractor bucket cutting edge, excavator bucket cutting edge, and so on. Sizes range from 48 inches to 96 inches. And make replacements for all the leading brands you need!
Tractor Bucket Tractor Bucket
Skid Steer Skid Steer
Wheel-Loaders Wheel Loaders
Excavators Excavators

Some Standard Products

109-9212 loader cutting edges New 109-9212 loader cutting edges for grader bucket cutting edges
9V6575 loader bucket cutting edges 9V6575 Loader Bucket Cutting Edges SBF Bucket Edge with 30 Holes
9W6608 Dozer cutting edge 9W6608 Bulldozer Cutting Edge DBF Cutting Edge
8K8162 loader bucket cutting edges 8K8162 Loader Bucket Cutting Edges SBF Bucket Edge
7T6678 Dozer cutting edge 7T6678 DBF Cutting Edge 3ft with 6 Hole Double Bevel Flat Blades
6W2990 loader bucket cutting edges 6W2990 loader bucket cutting edges SBF Cutting Edge
421-815-1121 (1) 421-815-1121 DBF Cutting Edge 1.8ft with 4 Hole Double Bevel Flat Blades
9R5313 9R5313 SBF Cutting Edge 7.8ft with 30 Hole Double Bevel Flat Blades
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About Yassian

Yassian was founded in 2006. Now We are one of the famous manufacturers of Ground Engaging Tools parts in China.

We have about 150 employees. Most of them are in the factory production department. We have a technical and quality team of 8 engineers for product development and quality control.

We are dedicated and work hard to manufacture the best ground engaging tool parts for our clients. We sincerely look forward to having more distributor partners to grow local business and share growth with us.
Why Choose Us

Manufacturer in China

As leading supplier of G.E.T. Parts in east of China, our products export to over 30 countries all over the world.And we have our own factory which can provide short delivery time and also competitive price without any trading company.


History in G.E.T Parts

Since 2003, Ningbo Yasheng Casting Industry Co., Ltd. is providing the most quality products and service for all our customers in construction machinery area. And YASSIAN is our brand.


Products Range

YASSIAN is one of your professional supplier of G.E.T. parts. Here you can find all range of the cutting edge, end bits, bucket teeth, chocky bars and grouser bars. And make replacements to all leading brands you need!


Quality Guarantee

We established a strict QC system from raw material to final product. YASSIAN has certificated ISO 9001 system, RoHS compliant and all material has SGS certificate, will provide customers with quality assurance.


Customizable Products

We can provide products by OEM part number or by customized size. Just give us a draft drawing or the detailed size, we can provide you the formal drawing to check. Provide technical support to our customers.


Service and Warranty

There is one year quality warranty for all products and we can provide free replacement if the products is broken under abnormal conditions. Help you to explore your market if become business partner. VIP treatment to our exclusive agent.

Benefits for Our Distributor Partners

  • 1st Priority Delivery
    Top priority to be delivered faster only for our distributor partners.
  • Lowest Price
    Our distributor will enjoy the lowest price based on the purchase volume.
  • More Payment Options
    Only pay 30% before shipping and the remaining on arrival and other options availabel.
  • Bridge Clients
    Introduce local clients and share growth with our distributors

Our Equipment & Workshop

Ningbo Yasheng believes that technology makes products better, so we invest a lot in new equipments and facilities. Now Yassian alreay has a plant over 20,000 square meters. We also have professonal manufacturing and testing equipments such as CNC fire cutting machine, Heat treatment furnace, Edge milling machine, CNC drilling machines, Durometer, Spectrograph, Automatic painting machine, Impact testing machine, etc.

Customizable Design

Yassian Inc. provide full range blades, cutting edges and end bits for motor graders, loaders and bulldozer. We also provide customized parts through your drawings. Please refer to our standard customizable drawings below:


How to Measure A Cutting Edge

Please note: dimensions given should reflect what the new edge needs to be, not what the old edge has worn down to. If you have questions, please feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff for help. Remember, edges built from a Custom Made Edges form cannot be returned, so please double check your dimensions before submitting.

Our Material Selection

As the strategic partner of Shanghai Baosteel Group , Ningbo Yasheng Casting Industry Co., Ltd. owns a huge advantage of raw materials. Our products have been certified by globally qualified independent laboratory testing SGS, more protection of the quality and stability of the product. With deep experience in steel industry, we can select wide range materials to make it suitable for its application and bring best mechanical properties. And we can provide you both standard and newly developed materials or even design a new material to meet customer’s requirement.


Material Hardness Yielding Strength
Tensile Strength
Impact Energy
HM400 37-45 HRC ≥1050 ≥1250 ≥12 ≥24(-20℃KV))
HM500 46-52 HRC ≥1250 ≥1500 ≥7 ≥24(-20℃KV)
HC45 170-200 HB ≥355 ≥600 ≥16 ≥39(25℃KU)
HC80 250-330 HB ≥450 ≥900 ≥11 ≥15(25℃KU)


More detailed raw materials data tables:


Materials type

Chemical Composition






















































Pictures of Our Process and Products

Frame Cutting, CNC Drilling, Edge Milling, Heat Treatment, Automatic Painting, Warehouse, Wax Injection, Shell Coating, Dewaxing, Pouring Molten Metal, Packed Goods

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