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White Iron Wear Bar – Wear bar is a combination of high chromium (700 brunell) white iron bonded to a mild steel weldable backing plate. Wear bars and blocks are available in thicknesses ranging from 25mm to 100mm, widths from 25mm to 300mm wide and in varying lengths.Popular for use in rock box protection, impact areas and transfer points, bars can be provided with Nelson studs with size and and location to suit.

Available in a wide range of sizes, can be used in a combination of our standard lengths to create layouts and patterns. Perfect for corners, edges and hard to reach places, use Bimetallic Wear Bar and Blocks wherever you need impact and wear resistance.
Wear Bars are available in thicknesses ranging from 25mm to 100mm, widths from 25mm to 300mm wide and in varying lengths. They can be stud bolted to suit fitment needs. They offer superior wear life when compared to conventional alloys such as manganese steel, Ni-hard, Q&T bars and clad overlay strips.
Wear Bars offer a cost effective solutions to wear problems.

laminated 700 HB Wear-resistant Parts are the ideal solution for impact and high abrasion in the following industries:
Earthmoving equipment and transhipment companies
Cement plants
Dredging industry
Recycling industry
Mineral processing industry

laminated 700 HB / 63 HRc Wear-resistant Parts benefits:
Lower operating costs
Longer Service when compared to conventional materials
Increased production
Improved product efficiency
Increased equipment availability

Applications mining bimetallic wear bar:
Chutes and liners
Suction mouth dredging industry
Protection of tunnelboring machines
Shredder tips
Protection dragheads dredging industry
Protection earth moving equipment / shovels / buckets

bimetallic composites is an exceptional laminated product that is resistant to impact and abrasion while retaining ductile characteristics by bonding High-chromium cast iron onto a mild steel backing plate.The bonding shear strength is over 210Mpa and will not separate.
High-chromium cast iron which hardness is Min.63HRC provides very high wear resistant qualities,while the steel backing plate acts as a meaning of absorbing high impacts and allows easy to use and install with no pre or post heating when welding.