Weld on Noses FIT Caterpillar J350 229-7099A

/Weld on Noses FIT Caterpillar J350 229-7099A
  • Weld on Noses FIT Caterpillar J350 229-7099A

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Weld on Noses FIT Caterpillar J350 229-7099A  Specifications:
1.Part NO.: 229-7099A
2.Net Weight:  27.5 kg
3.Color: yellow or as require
4.material: Alloy steel with Cr,Mn,Mo,Ni,…
5.Technique: Precision casting
6.Certification: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001
7.Outer Packing: Iron or wooden cartons
Possible Profile Number Cross Reference:
2.Long, HD Long, Standard
3.Abrasion, HD Abrasion
6.Flared / Wide
7.eg)1U3352RC – J350 Family; Standard Long tooth with a Rock Chisel profile.

What are weld on noses?
If the nose wears out on your adapter, then you can opt to replace just the nose rather than the whole adapter, the nose piece is a lot cheaper, but you have more labor involved in replacing just the nose. 8E7350 Replacement Caterpillar Nose, 8E7300 RIPPER NOSE fits Caterpillar, Cat Bucket Adapter Nose 9J4304WN

When it comes to customer support we’ve found that what you want most is, no surprise, parts that work…really well.
That’s what you get. The products you purchase from JOFOV are guaranteed to be free from defect in material and workmanship, and to be interchangeable with the original part of the machine manufacturer.
JOFOV warranty adjustment is determined pro-rata, based on our calculated portion of service remaining for those parts we find to be defective in material or workmanship, provided the parts were properly installed and used in normal operation. This product warranty is limited strictly to the Trek supplied parts for three years from its original purchase date.

CAT J450 J450 WELD ON NOSE 223-8109 39.5
CAT J350 J350 WELD ON NOSE 229-7099A 27.5
CAT J300 J300 WELD ON NOSE 8E7300 3.5
CAT J350 J350 WELD ON NOSE 8E7350 5.3
CAT J220 J220 WELD ON NOSE 6Y3224WN 1.7
CAT J350 J350 WELD ON NOSE 9J4354WN 4.6
CAT J250 J250 WELD ON NOSE 9J4254WN 2.25
CAT J460 J460 WELD ON NOSE 8E6464WN 8.6
CAT J300 J300 WELD ON NOSE 9J4304WN 4.2

JOFOV Wear Parts have been in the G.E.T. business for many years with their blade products but are now popular in the casting market. With a fully capable design and testing center JOFOV Wear Parts has designed their line of DRP castings from a different approach. With all the major CAT designs enhanced and available at very competitive prices you will find what you are looking for from JOFOV Wear Parts.
Wear Parts JOFOV Direct Replacement Teeth
J200, J225, J250, J300, J350, J400, J460, J550, J600, J700, J800
J200, J225, J250, J300, J350, J400, J460, J550, J600, J700, J800

Weld on Noses J450 J550 J600 J700 J800
Tooth Style Weld on Noses 223-8109 CAT J450 Bucket Tooth Nose WN450
Part # Weight Part # Weight Part # Weight Part # Weight Part # Weight Part # Weight Part # Weight Part # Weight Part # Weight Part # Weight Part # Weight
Standard Short 1U3201 2.7 lbs 6Y6221 3.9 lbs 1U3251 5.6 lbs 1U3301 9.0 lbs 1U3351 12.8 lbs 7T3401 18.9 lbs 9W8451 23.6 lbs 9W8551 32.8 lbs Standard Short
Standard Long 1U3202 2.8 lbs 6Y3222 4.5 lbs 1U3252 6.2 lbs 1U3302 9.7 lbs 1U3352 12.9 lbs 7T3402 20.8 lbs 9W8452 25.6 lbs 9W8552 40.8 lbs 6I6602 77.3 lbs 4T4702 97.3 lbs Standard Long
Offset Long J250L 7.1 lbs J300L 11.0 lbs J350L 14.6 lbs J400L 22.5 lbs J450L 29.3 lbs Loader
Heavy Duty Long 8E4222 5.8 lbs 9N4252 7.7 lbs 9N4302 12.9 lbs 9N4352 17.6 lbs 8E4402 25.4 lbs 9N4452 35.9 lbs 9N4552 59.9 lbs 7Y0602 101 lbs Heavy Duty Long
Penetration 1U3209 2.4 lbs 6Y8229 4.6 lbs 9J4259 6.4 lbs 9J4309 9.0 lbs 9J4359 12.7 lbs 6Y7409 20.3 lbs 9W8459 21.8 lbs 9W8559 35.3 lbs 7I7609 61.7 lbs Penetration
Penetration Plus J250PP 10.2 lbs 183 5300 12.4 lbs 168 1359 16.0 lbs 168 1409 26.0 lbs 159 0459 33.3 lbs 159 0559 53.2 lbs 159 0607 84.9 lbs 171 1709 110.1 lbs Penetration Plus
Heavy Duty Penetration J250HP 15.7 lbs 135 9300 18.6 lbs 144 1358 25.9 lbs 135 9400 32.8 lbs 138 6451 45.2 lbs 138 6552 68.1 lbs 135 9600 130 lbs 135 9700 147.9 lbs 135 9800 202.4 lbs Heavy Duty Penetration
Heavy Duty Abrasion J225HDAL 6.6 lbs J250HDAL 9.6 lbs J300H –
DAL 16.2 lbs J350HDAL 22.5 lbs J400H –
DAL 31.8 lbs J450HDAL 48.9 lbs J550HDAL 73.9 lbs J600H –
DAL 130 lbs J700HDAL 154.2 lbs J800H –
DAL 206.6 lbs Heavy Duty Abrasion
Tiger J200 Tiger 3.2 lbs J225 Tiger 4.7 lbs J250 Tiger 6.3 lbs J300 Tiger 10.3 lbs J350 Tiger 14.3 lbs J400 Tiger 23.0 lbs J450 Tiger 29.4 lbs J550 Tiger 35.9 lbs J600 Tiger 78.6 lbs Tiger
VX Penetration J600VX 75.4 lbs J700VX 87.7 lbs J800VX 124.9 lbs VX Penetration
Twin Tiger J200 Twin 3.7 lbs J225 Twin 5.0 lbs J250 Twin 6.1 lbs J300 Twin 12.3 lbs J350 Twin 15.7 lbs J400 Twin 26.2 lbs J450 Twin 31.6 lbs J550 Twin 41.1 lbs J600 Twin 85.1 lbs Twin Tiger
Twin Tiger Narrow J350TTD 14.8 lbs J450 TTD 32.0 lbs Twin Tiger Narrow
Flare Tooth 109 9200 3.5 lbs 186 3010 6.6 lbs 208 5254 8.8 lbs 107 3300 13.2 lbs 107 3350 19.8 lbs 107 3400 28.1 lbs 107 3450 36.4 lbs 107 3550 58.3 lbs Flare Tooth
Rock Chisel J300RC 13.0 lbs J350RC 17.9 lbs J400RC 26.2 lbs J450RC 31.4 lbs J550RC 49.7 lbs J600RC 85.5 lbs Rock Chisel
Weld-On Adapter Nose J200WN 2.1 lbs J225WN 3.8 lbs J250WN 5.0 lbs J300WN 7.4 lbs J350WN 10.2 lbs J400WN 15.0 lbs J460WN 19.2 lbs J550WN 29.0 lbs J600WN 56.0 lbs Weld-On Adapter Nose
Pins & Retainers Pin Retainer Pin Retainer Pin Retainer Pin Retainer Pin Retainer Pin Retainer Pin Retainer Pin Retainer Pin Retainer Pin Retainer Pin Retainer Pins & Retainers
Standard Groove Pin 9W7112 4T0001 6Y3228 3G9609 9J2258 3G9609 9J2308 3G9609 9J2358 3G9549 7T3408 7T3409 1U1558 3G9559 6I6608 6I6609 4T4708 4T4707 102 0101 101 2874 Standard Groove Pin
Radius Groove Pin 8E6208 8E6209 8E6259 8E6258 8E6259 107 3308 8E6259 8E6358 8E6359 8E8409 8E0468 (460) 8E0469 (460) 6Y8558 8E5559 9UI9616 4T4707 Radius Groove Pin
Heavy Duty Pin 132 4762 149 5733 132 4763 149 5733 132 4766 149 5733 114 0358 114 0359 116 7408 116 7409 1140468 (460) 1073469 (460) 107 3378 107 8559 113 9608 113 9609 113 4708 113 1809 134 1808 134 1809 Heavy Duty Pin

Efficient processes and “state of the art” foundry practices allow for competitive pricing of quality parts. In house metallurgical staff and testing facilities ensure quality and consistency in all of our finished products. The results are quality wear parts that offer value to the customer every time.JOFOV also offers the industry a growing selection of wear parts and castings for a variety of applications.

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