Replaceable Loader Cutting Edge Caterpillar Part No. 4T-8796

/Replaceable Loader Cutting Edge Caterpillar Part No. 4T-8796
  • Replaceable Loader Cutting Edge Caterpillar Part No. 4T-8796

Replaceable Loader Cutting Edge Caterpillar Part No. 4T-8796, CAT 910 Multi-Purpose Loader Center Blade Cutting Edges, CAT Bolt On Centre Blades, superior protection edge cutting, Caterpillar Blade China Factory

Replaceable Loader Cutting Edge Caterpillar Part No. 4T-8796 Parameter:
Part No. 4T8796 / 4T-8796
Manufacturer: Cat
Machine Type: Loader
Model: 910 Multi-Purpose
Blade Position: Center Blade
Quantity Required: 1
Type: DB||
Dimensions: 3/4 x 10 x 48-7/8
Holes / Bolts: 3 / 3
Bolt Size: 3/4 x 2-1/2
Hole Spacing: 10-11/16, 13-3/4, 13-3/4
Weight: 97 lbs
Coating: None
Cross Section Diameter (in): 0.5
Inside Diameter (in): 51.62

Manufactured from steel with properties that maintain hardness for long wear life, our durable sole wear plates make it possible for your machines to deliver the performance you demand. Protect your investment by always choosing genuine Cat Ground Engaging Tools. 4T-8799 CAT Bolt On Sole Plate, Replaceable CAT Compactor Sole Blade, 4T8796 Cat Loader Center Blade for 910 Multi-Purpose, Multi-Purpose Loader Blade Multi-Purpose Loader Center Edge 4T8796
• Replaceable wear plate
• Protects bottom of blade
• Extends blade life

supplies the following Blades/Cutting Edges for CAT loader.

Loader 1U0292DDRH
Loader 1U0292DDLH
Loader 4T8091DD
Loader 107-3746DDRH
Loader 107-3746DDLH
Loader 110-4781
Loader 110-4782
Loader 110-4712
Loader 110-4711
Loader 123-9195
Loader 123-9196
Loader 107-3288
Loader 107-3289
Loader 8Y8763
Loader 100-6359
Loader 4T6692
Loader 6W2977
Loader 1U0605
Loader 4T6691
Loader 7K6108
Loader 4K6103
Loader 4K6104
Loader 4V8335
Loader 9V6571
Loader 1U0294
Loader 9V6570
Loader 1U0293
Loader 4V8850
Loader 4T8079
Loader 8V7453
Loader 6W2976
Loader 4T9563
Loader 4T8091
Loader 5V7423
Loader 8J7746
Loader 8J7747
Loader 8K8161
Loader 132-1026
Loader 132-1027
Loader 9W6747
Loader 6W2986
Loader 5V7396
Loader 5V7395
Loader 1U2414
Loader 6W2987
Loader 1U2414
Loader 1U1898
Loader 8K8162
Loader 1U1470
Loader 1U1469
Loader 132-1028
Loader 132-1029
Loader 5V7410
Loader 1U0601
Loader 132-1034
Loader 132-1033
Loader 9W3492
Loader 9W3493
Loader 9W3488
Loader 9W3489
Loader 5V4696
Loader 9V6573
Loader 5V1783
Loader 5V1784
Loader 132-1034
Loader 135-9666
Loader 138-0672
Loader 138-0673
Loader 9V6575
Loader 8E5310
Loader 8E5311
Loader 1U0593
Loader 3G6395
Loader 150-6903
Loader 1V3915
Loader 6W2988
Loader 1U2413
Loader 132-1032
Loader 4T8068
Loader 4T8078
Loader 5V7416
Loader 6W2973
Loader 6W3468
Loader 7T5962
Loader 7T5963
Loader 7T5961
Loader 7T5960
Loader 7T5964
Loader 9C0967
Loader 8K6452
Loader 1U1467
Loader 1V9077
Loader 4V8285
Loader 4V8286
Loader 1U1254
Loader 1U1896
Loader 1V3916
Loader 8E5302
Loader 8E5303
Loader 4V8667
Loader 4V8668
Loader 229-7084
Loader 4T8083
Loader 4T8082
Loader 6W2978
Loader 1U2410
Loader 5V7437
Loader 1U1471

Loader 9K8461
Loader 8K7525
Loader 8K7526
Loader 1U1304
Loader 9V6105
Loader 1V2911
Loader 1U1473
Loader 1U0307
Loader 5V7263
Loader 1U2411
Loader 4T8074
Loader 4V7175
Loader 4V7174
Loader 1U1897
Loader 208-5343
Loader 100-4046
Loader 100-4044
Loader 4T6699
Loader 4T9124
Loader 4T9123
Loader 150-6918
Loader 141-8823
Loader 132-1089
Loader 109-9017
Loader 109-9016
Loader 142-9406
Loader 6W2979
Loader 1U0599
Loader 9W6748
Loader 9V5340
Loader 6W2980
Loader 5V1783
Loader 1U0600
Loader 9V5328
Loader 8Y6263
Loader 5V2772
Loader 5V2773
Loader 8E5793
Loader 4T6696
Loader 4T6697
Loader 140-6868
Loader 219-3171
Loader 4V4958
Loader 4V3174
Loader 1U0600
Loader 4T8084
Loader 4T8085
Loader 6W2990
Loader 1U2406
Loader 100-4045
Loader 9W3479
Loader 9W3480

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