Product Description

Overlay End Bit 7D9999 Feature:
Type: Motor Grader Blade
Material: High carbon steel, Heat treated boron steel
7D9999B -> boron steel, 7D9999C -> carbon steel
Compatible Machine Models: 14G, 16G

Caterpillar style bolt on right hand or left hand grader overlay for a 14G Caterpillar Grader. This is a double beveled reversible bucket overlay blade that is .625” thick, 9.25” wide and 23.375” in length. It takes 8 of a 3/4” X 3 1/4”(750X325) plow bolt and 8 of a 3/4”(750 HEX NUT) hex nut.

Weight: 35.27 lb / 16 kg

Overlay End Bit Description:
Overlay End Bit for 8″ (203 mm) Curved Cutting Edge
0.75” (19 mm) Bolt Size
When worn on one side, overlay end bits can be rotated for a second wear life.
Recommended Application:
Models: 14G, 16G