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Bucket Teeth 35S, 9W9880 CAT Style Teeth, 35S Conical Digging Teeth w/Locks & Pins, U35S Ultralok Standard Excavator Wheel Loader Bucket Tooth Teeth, Esco 35 Series bucket tooth tip point China Supplier

Bucket Teeth 35S Feature:
Part No.:  35S (ESCO) / 9W9880 (CAT)
Replacement Brand: ESCO / Caterpillar
Material ductile iron, gray iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel
Surface hardness:470-540MM HRC
Casting Bucket Teeth
Material 1# Hardness :48-52HRC Impact Value :>15J
Material 2# Hardness :48-52HRC Impact Value :>20J
OEM are acceptable

35S ESCO Tooth ESCO Style Conical Digging Teeth With Locks & Pins
Package Includes:
35S Digging Teeth
3540PN Pins
ESCO Tooth
Description Conical
A 8-3/8″ (213mm)
B 3-5/8″ (92mm)
C 3-1/2″ (89mm)
D 2-7/8″ (73mm)
E 3-13/16″ (97mm)
Weight 8.4 lbs (3.8 kgs)
These are a cast tooth not forged with a highly rated metallurgy test. Strong and long lasting. Teeth may vary in color as we have no control of this. Esco Style Bucket Tooth/Bucket Teeth & 5 35PN Pins & 5 35LK Locks
35S ESCO Tooth /Bucket Teeth & 35PN Flex Pins & 35-40LK Locks, the 35S Dirt Bucket Tooth is 8.5″ long, 4.5″ wide and 3.75″ in height, the 35PN pin is 3.375″ long, .25″ wide and 1″ in height, the 35-40LK lock is 2″ long, .5″ wide and .875″ in height.
The 35S dirt tooth has an inside pocket dimension of 3.5″ horizontal or side to side and 2.625″ vertical or top to bottom
Esco style standard dirt bucket tooth, conical style for a 35 series; takes a 35PN pin and a 35-40LK lock; Use Item #35S
Weight 9.26 lb / 4.2 kg

This general purpose (flat) Bucket Tooth comes with the correct Steel Pin & Rubber Lock – What you need to pin it onto your bucket’s adapter. That’s right you are buying a package deal. If comparing prices remember you are getting the Pin and Lock Free!
This is an Esco Style Conical tooth, the industry standard part # for the bucket tooth is 35S or 35shx, the Steel Pin # is 35PN, the Rubber Lock # is 35/40LK. As you can see in the picture the back of the tooth is not flat it has a tab with a rectangle hole where the pin drives through.
This Bucket Tooth is found on mini-excavators, small backhoes, and skid steers.
Color and Mfg. marks may vary from time to time as production runs have slight differences, but rest assured you are buying Quality products.

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Product Range

Item Oem Number
1 18TL
2 18WTL
3 18S
4 833-18
5 22S
6 22SA
7 25S(20X-70-23160)
8 25TL
9 25T
10 855-25
11 1306-25
12 30S (203-70-43180)
13 30VIP
14 30T
15 855-30
16 35S(205-70-74272)
17 35T
18 35VIP
19 1899-35
20 3840-35
21 40S
22 40T
23 40VIP
24 3809-40
25 45S (208-70-34212)
26 45VIP
27 23SYL
28 29SYL
29 37SYL
30 47SYL
31 27VIP
32 37VIP
33 47VIP
34 25R10
35 25R12
36 25RN
37 3807-30
38 5906-35