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  • Bauer Bucket Adapter for Auger Drilling Bucket

Bauer Bucket Adapter for Auger Drilling Bucket, Bauer Teeth and Adapter BT80, Bauer Excavator Bucket Adaptor, Bauer Teeth and Holder, Construction Machinery Parts bucket teeth & adaptor

Bauer Bucket Adapter for Auger Drilling Bucket Dimension:
P/N BT80-1
TYPE Adapter
Model BAUER80
U/W KG 4.6
A /mm 110
B/mm 120
C/mm 110

Bucket Teeth for Soil Piling, Bauer tooth Soil Teeth in Construction Machinery Parts Auger Bit Teeths, flat teeth drilling soil bits for drilling bucket, BT-80 Bauer Drilling Bucket Flat Teeth

Our bucket teeth adapt to the drilling machine with all the performance features such as:
1. A high feed rate, a long service life and short tool changing times.
2. Parts supply assurance.
3. A high daily production volume and above-average economy is guaranteed.

Sort Name Bucket Teeth and Adapters
Main Business Grader Blades, Motor Grader End Bit, Cutting Edge, Bucket Edges, Bucket Teeth, Bolts and Nuts
Universal Available to all brand motorgrader/bulldozer/loader/excavator/scraper domestic and overseas Package
Blader And Bits: PLYWOOD PALLET;
Bolts And Nuts: PLYWOOD CASES;
Bucket Teeth And Adapters: PLYWOOD CASES;

Product Description of Bauer Teeth and Adapter BT80

*construction tools:for auger drilling, trenching, demolition, quarring, excavating,piling,road building…
*mining tools:for coal, iron ore, underground mining and surface mining…
*High performance& price ratio.
*Wear-resistant carbide tip for extended tooth life.
*Strong braze weld for superior tip retention.
*Specially hardened head for much longer tooth life.
*Fully ranged products for mining, foundation drilling,quarrying, trenching, road milling, and tunnel boring.

Company Information

*Factory, specializing in manufacturing mining cutter bits for more than 10 years.
* Strong technological support,Research and Development Department, cooperate with professional universities.
*long service life steel body, tungsten carbide tip, itss forging and heat treating techniques allows bits service life 4-5 times longer than common bits.
*high feed rate- the long service life allows it save time and high work efficiency, which is twice to 3 times of the common bits.
*A whole set of advanced mechanical processing facility for forging and heat treatment.
*Strict quality control management system, including advanced inspection equipments & a professional team for inspection.

We are a professional bauer bucket teeth manufacturer in China, engaging in improving product quality and expanding product function since beginning. Our main products include JCB bucket teeth, esco bucket adapter, drill bit, expansion shell and so on. With high quality, stable performance and reasonable prices, our bauer bucket teeth are exported to countries, such as German, Britain, Netherland, Australia, America, Saudi Arab, South Korea, Canada, Spain and France.


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  • Quality guaranteed
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