9W4552 RIPPER TIP fits Cater-pillar

/9W4552 RIPPER TIP fits Cater-pillar
  • 9W4552 RIPPER TIP fits Caterpillar (CAT)

9W4552 RIPPER TIP fits Caterpillar (CAT), Bulldozer Ripper Shank, Caterpillar Style Aftermarket Intermediate Centerline Tip Fits CAT equipment, Replacement CAT Scarifier, Welding ripper shank Heavy Equipment Dozer Ripper Shank and Protectors, caterpillar ripper boot centreline

9W4552 RIPPER TIP fits Caterpillar (CAT) Caterpillar 9W-4552 Intermediate Centerline Tip 9W4552
Track Type Tractors: D11N
For D10 and D11 Dozers
Weight 108.00 LBS
D11 ripper shank conversion, for CAT D11
This ripper shank has been converted to the worlds most trusted ripper system. A stronger, better, more reliable, longer lasting ripper solution ensuring the maximum ripping performance. Improved tooth and protector designs for greater strength and wear life, well proven in the hardest ripping conditions around the world with the following benefits.

Ultimate safety with the hammerless twist pin system = No more bang-in pins!
Excellent pin retention and security = No loss of teeth or protectors!
Better penetration and longer tooth wear life = Self-sharpening teeth!
Faster change-overs = Reducing downtime!

FORGING RIPPER SHANKS:Our ripper shanks are hot forget as ONE SOLID PIECE. Unlike casting or welding, hot forging aligns the internal fiber of the steel into the exact shape of your ripper shank. This change occurs on a microscopic level and the steel fibres run the whole length of the ripper shank with no areas of weakness. This leads to greatly improved wear-resistance, impact-resistance, break-resistance, and toughness. Our hot forged ripper shanks are just what you need to keep your plant working on site and NOT in the repair shop! Cat Bulldozer Dozer Center Blade 1U0740 Cat 988/992 Pin-On Side Shroud Protector

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