4000LH Adco style Left Hand Tiger Tooth Point

/4000LH Adco style Left Hand Tiger Tooth Point
  • 4000LH Adco style Left Hand Tiger Tooth Point
  • 4000LH Tooth China Factory replacement Adco parts

4000LH Adco style Left Hand Tiger Tooth Point, Adco style Left Hand Tiger Excavator Bucket Tip, Adco Bucket Teeth &Adapters, Left Hand Tooth Tip Point China Factory replacement Adco parts spare part, ADCO Hensley Style Bucket Teeth For Excavators, Loaders & Backhoes

4000LH Adco style Left Hand Tiger Tooth Point – Adco style left hand tiger excavator bucket tooth, takes a P160 roll pin

Weight: 12.5 lb / 5.67 kg

Bucket teeth is the wear replacement parts of excavator or loader. Such bucket teeth & adapters will be assembled by a pin, retainer and lock. Then fitted to excavator bucket for working (see how to identify & select the right bucket tooth) . For its specical working condition in soft soil and rock environment, there is a high demand of wear resistance and high impact, thus to longer the working life.

The ability to penetrate tough material, when it’s tightly compacted, rocky or frozen. The best penetrating tooth is typically a sharp pointed end, often referred to as a Tiger Tooth. Teeth with high penetration that also have high impact are best suited to digging and trenching applications as they enable the bucket to more easily penetrate material. However, they are not always the best tooth for providing a smooth bottom to a hole or trench and you should weigh the full needs of your job when choosing a tooth system.

Wear Life:
The ability to withstand wearing, scouring and abrasive action of the material being handled. Wear life is obviously determined by the construction and the material of the tooth, but just as important is its shape. The shape of the tooth determines how much wear surface comes in contact with the dirt or other material being dug or loaded. The more wear surface a tooth has, then the longer that tooth will last before it needs to be replaced, however teeth with a lot of surface area don’t always have the most efficient penetrating surface and can make it more difficult for the bucket to power through hard, compacted ground. Teeth with high wear life may be more appropriate for loading and material handling applications due to their long life, whereas for digging and trenching high penetration and impact is usually more important.

What the orginal referance means:
The forth and fith digit describes the size of the bucket tooth
The last digit of the referance describes the shape of the tooth
The most common shapes are
1 = Short
2 = Long
3 = Abrasion

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Third – Choose the right retention system
The way you mount the tooth to the adapter(shank) can determine how firm the tooth will stay over time. It will also determin how easy the tooth is to replace when worn.

Flex pin – Horizontal:Flex pins are two steel forgings that have a neoprene rubber in between. As you pound the pin through, it squeezes the neoprene and that holds the tooth up on the adapter. Installed and removed properly, Flex pins can be re-used up to 10 times.
Flex pin – Diagonal (Rhombic System):Using a slightly longer flex pin than the horizontal mounting system. The Rhombic system mounts the tooth and flex pin at a 45 degree angle. This makes installation and removal as easy as the vertical system while providing the strength of the horizontal system.
Roll pin – vertical:This looks like a steel coil. The pin is pounded down through the top rather than through the side. Roll pins are not re-useable and must be replaced new with each tooth installation. 4000RH Right Hand Adco Bucket Tip Point
Crimp on:The sides of the tooth itself are crimped into impressions on the adapter. This is a more cost-effective option for smaller less-powerful machines

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