2713-1218 Daewoo Excavator Bucket Adapter

/2713-1218 Daewoo Excavator Bucket Adapter
  • 2713-1218 Daewoo Excavator Bucket Adapter

2713-1218 Daewoo Excavator Bucket Adapter, Replacement Doosan DH150 heavy duty bucket adapter, DAEWOO Excavator tooth adaptor construction engineering machinery parts excavator teeth spare parts, teeth point holder

2713-1218 Daewoo Excavator Bucket Adapter specification:
Part number 2713-1218
Type  Bucket tooth and adaptor
Size DH130 / DH150
Weight 8  kg
Production Method: Casting
Material: Alloy steel
Chemical Component: Please contact with our sales to know details.
Hardness: HB 470-520
Impact: ≥15J (25ºC)
Tensile Strength: ≥1450Rm-N/mm²
Yield Strength: ≥1100Re-N/mm²
Color Yellow, Black, Green, Red, Gray

We can supply Doosan Daewoo Side Cutter, bucket adapter, bucket teeth, Ground Engineering Tools, excavator bucket teeth, construction machinery spare parts, construction machinery replacement parts etc. 2713-1220 Doosan Bucket Adapter, 2713-1218HD Casting DAEWOO Heavy Duty Excavator Adapter, 2713-1237 DH420 Doosan Bucket Teeth Adapter

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AS a leading OEM manufacturer of Ground Engaging Tools for the construction and Mining industries and precision casting for various heavy industries. We have been manufacturing and marketing ground engaging tools, and specializing investment castings since 2005.

We mainly produce bucket teeth and adapters, pin retainer,ground engaging tools, cutting edges, tips, side cutters, end bits, ripper shanks, shanks protectors, excavator spare parts, scarifies shanks, etc. All G. E. T. Can be assembled in machines like: Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobleco, JCB, Hyundai, Daewoo,Doosan, Case, Volvo, Hensley, H&L, Bobcat, Liebherr, Kawasaki, FIAT, Bofors.

We can supply competitive price and best quality bucket teeth, bucket adapter and pin retainer to you.

OEM Part # Description Ref. Wt. (KG)             
Side Pin Tip & Adapter
18S Tip-Standard 1.3
18-800 Adapter 1.7
713-00057 Tip-Standard 4.2
2713-1222 Adapter 6.7
2713-9046 Tip-Standard 4.2
2713-9045 Adapter 6.7
K1000344 Tip-Standard 5.6
2713-9041 Tip-Standard 5.8
2713-9042 Adapter 10.8
713-00054 Tip-Standard 7.8
2713-9038 Tip-Standard 7.5
2713-9037 Adapter 14.1
2713-9044 Tip-Standard 9.2
2713-9043 Adapter 17.4
2713-1217 Tip-Standard 6.1
2713-1217TL Tip-Tiger Long 6.5
2713-1217RC Tip-Rock Chisel 5.2
2713-1218 Adapter 9.1
2713-1219 Tip-Standard 7.4
2713-1219TL Tip-Tiger Long 7.2
2713-1219RC Tip-Rock Chisel 7.0
2713-1220 Adapter 12.2
2713-1234 Tip-Standard 8.1
2713-1235 Adapter 12.6
713-00032 Tip-Standard 9.6
713-00032RC Tip-Rock Chisel 8.8
713-00033 Adapter 17.9
2713-1236 Tip-Standard 16.9
2713-1237 Adapter 25.8

We manufacture replacement parts for brands such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, EX, JCB, Daewoo, Case, New Holland, Terex, Massey Ferguson, Hyundai, Liebherr, Liugong, H&L, MTG, Bobcat, Bofor & Kubota.

We have a local manufacturing facilities producing cutting edges, end bits, grader blades, overlays, underlays, bucket lips, mold board liners, skid plates, new and refurbished excavator and loader buckets. We offer a variety of steels depending on the type of product and application. Doosan bucket Side Cutter Ground engineering machinery parts, Doosan Excavator Side Cutter

We offer a comprehensive range of ground engaging tools (G.E.T) and undercarriage to suit a wide range of construction and heavy mining machinery. Our company is a proud producer for several OEM’s, our cast products are of high quality alloy steel offering extended wear life and product warranties.

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