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113-0322 Cutting Edge Comptd BULLDZ, Bulldozer Cutting Edge Boron Steel, Caterpillar genuine center and end cutting edges, CAT Bolt On Bucket Wear Edge, Left Right Hand Dozer Bucket Blade Cutting Edge, G.E.T Spare Parts, Replacement Caterpillar Bolt-On Bucket End Bits China Supplier

113-0322 Cutting Edge Comptd BULLDZ Feature:
Part No.: 113-0322, 1130322
Manufacturer: Caterpillar, CAT
Machine Type: Bulldozer, Dozer
Model: 60 MM. D9
Holes / Bolts: 12
Weight: 248.017  kgs
WIDE: 330
LENGTH: 1787
Made in Ningbo, China

It shows that the Boron type of GET has superior mechanical properties with much higher resistance to wear and abrasion due to the nature of chemical composition. As a result, the lifespan of Boron type of GET will be at least twice that of carbon steel.Thus, the cost savings on downtime, labour charges and plow bolts and nuts are tremendous.

The cutting blade has unparalleled manufacturing accuracy, which can protect the machine blade from damage. Our engaging tool is designed to provide continuous superior protection based on the inherent characteristics of your CAT device.
Cat bulldozer cutting blades provide an excellent balance between wear and impact resistance. Cat blades and end blades are designed with balance system to provide high strength to achieve excellent damage resistance, and to maximize the bottom and surface wear of the blades, resulting in longer service time, more powerful material excavation and handling force, and less downtime.
The cutting blade is durable and made of steel. It can maintain hardness and has long wear life. It can make your machine provide the performance you need. Always choose the original cat digger to protect your investment.

113-0322 Cutting Edge Comptd BULLDZ characteristic:
Impact resistance and wear resistance
High productivity in any application

Production pushing, leveling pushing and overburden stripping
Half U-shaped shovel

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