Bucket teeth and adapters for all kind of applications. Choose a machine and then select adapter type. Made for your application. Protect expensive machine components. Reduce your operating costs. And get the most out of your machine’s performance!


Bucket teeth and adapters, tips for excavator


Bucket teeth tips and adapters for loader


Bucket teeth & adapter for miniexcavator


Bucket teeth and adapters for backhoe loader


Ripper teeth, bucket tooth adapter for bulldozer


Ripper Shank, Ripper teeth for motor grader / road grader


Router Bits & Floor Guides, Cleaner Bar Teeth and Adapters for scraper


Tips for compactor

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YASSIAN is a Leading China Supplier of Bucket Teeth, Adapters, Bucket Protection System, etc.

We offer a more comprehensive G.E.T. line than any of our competitors, including:
Bucket Teeth & Adapters
Blades, Cutting Edges & End Bits
Ripper Shanks & Teeth
Chocky Bars & Grouser Bars
High Grade Fastener Bolts & Nuts

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YASSIAN high innovated teeth product range includes a complete line of products to fit different brands of machines in the market. Whatever the requirement, YASSIAN has a tooth system which fills the need whether it is on a mini excavator or a large mining machines
YASSIAN provides many mining parts and coal mining. YASSIAN ‘s premium CAT J600,700,800 and Komatsu Pc650, pc1250, pc2000 sizes gives you a full range of mining parts that are highly competitive in the mining market.
YASSIAN provides economy full lines of teeth system for constructions, it’s fully designed to meet customers need at very competitive price.
YASSIAN offers a comprehensive package of quarry application direct replacement teeth. The enhanced design of YASSIAN teeth delivers maximum penetration, maximum wear life and maximum value in even the toughest quarry applications.
YASSIAN’s professional designed ripper system for dozers is casted from SUPER-ALLOY composition, a through-hardened material for maximum performance in the toughest applications.
YASSIAN offers high quality heel shrouds, conner lips, ripper protector, and half arrow cast with YASSIAN high innovated alloys and ideal for abrasion and impact resistance.Turbo offers full lines of casted parts for bucket protection.