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Welding Hardened Steel Forum

Welding Hardened Steel Forum I have a piece of old snowplow edge I want to use to make the new cutting edge for my bucket. I'd like to weld it on as I feel it will be much stronger than bolting, and I don't expect to be able to wear it out in my lifetime [...]

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Loader bucket cutting edge forum?

Loader bucket cutting edge forum? Does anybody know what kind of steel the Loader bucket cutting edge are made from. somebody called me and asked as they want to make some tools/tooling out of it. A general type if any one knows? thanks Loader Bucket Center Cutting Edges All depends where they come [...]

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  • Bolt-on Reversible Cutting Edges

Bolt-on Reversible Cutting Edges

Bolt-on Reversible Cutting Edges Greatly reduces the time required to replace the bucket cutting edge Double-bevel flat edge can be reversed for twice the wear High-carbon steel incorporates the long-wearing characteristics of weld-on cutting edge Deep countersunk holes keep bolt heads from wearing Bolt-on Reversible Cutting Edges Weld-on Base w/holes A Size Type [...]

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