How do excavators dig a little boring?

Fault description:

A Caterpillar 320C excavator currently has 9800 hours of work. In the morning, this operation is normal when the excavator is working on the site, but when it is done in the afternoon, it is not alright, and when the excavator is boring, the engine speed of the excavator is reduced. The middle of the time will also be turned off, and the empty movements will also pick up the car when lifting the big arm and the middle arm.

Caterpillar 320C excavator dig

Caterpillar 320C excavator dig

Excavator digging boring, cause analysis of the big arm brake:

1. The digging machine picks up the car first to detect if the circuit is faulty. Look at the computer version of the hydraulic pump solenoid valve sensor wire if there is a blacksmith, even the possibility of electricity, and then there is the cleaning solenoid valve.

2, then check the oil line, especially the tank low connector, and then look at the solenoid valve on the hydraulic pump, pay attention not to look at the cutting and cutting of the tank there are two holes are small and easy to plug.

3, check the excavator turbocharger has no failure.

4. Then check if the pressure and flow of the hydraulic system are matched. If it does not match, it will cause digging excavator to squat and it will be boring.

5, check the hydraulic pump If the hydraulic pump wears large will cause the excavator to dig soil to boring, big arm brake car.
6, check the hydraulic oil temperature is not high.

7, large hydraulic pump leakage will also cause the excavator to dig a boring, slamming car failure.


Excavator’s second arm is hard on the brakes.

1. If the middle arm cylinder is damaged or if the seal is not tightly sealed, it will cause damage. For this type of problem, you can check it yourself to see if there is a leak of useful hydraulic fluid. There may be collision damage.

2, the distribution valve to control the middle arm stem issuing or this type of problem, which requires a professional to check.