Grader After the market test, the product technology has been continuously improved, ranking the international advanced level, and the sales volume ranks first in China. The unique seven snow removal highlights make winter snow removal more efficient, reliable, safe and comfortable, Grader Feature:

1. Low temperature start, good adaptability

The ultra-low temperature cold start system is configured to ensure normal startup and operation under ≥-40° ambient temperature.

2. Drum brake, safe and reliable

It is more suitable for the braking system in rain and snow weather, ensuring that the braking system in the snow removal condition does not freeze and the safety performance is better.

Grader Feature

Grader Feature

3. The cab is defrosted and the view is better

The cab with double windshield and high-powered heaters provide better defrosting and wider visibility.

4. Blade floats, flexible fit

A blade with a floating function, the blade can be in better contact with the ground, the snow removal effect is better, and the ground damage is smaller.

5. Overload protection work device, good safety

Designed for overload protection work in snow removal conditions, the blade encounters automatic collision unloading to protect the entire machine and the driver.

6. Alarm device, more human

The customized alarm device is designed according to user requirements and is more user-friendly.

7. Snow removal tools, advanced and efficient

Equipped with a 360° rotary blade and a ±25° front shovel, the snow can be pushed to where it is, and the snow brush is mounted at the rear to clean the road.