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  • Esco-teeth-Mining-Bucket-Tooth-and-Tooth-Adapter

ESCO teeth part no.

ESCO teeth part no.  Casting teeth part follow for your reference: ESCO Description KG V29SYL TEETH 5.2 V33SYL TEETH 6.5 V39SYL TEETH 9.9 V43SYL TEETH 12.6 V51SYL TEETH 16.6 V59SYL TEETH 21.2 V61SD TEETH 28 V69SD TEETH 36 V81SD TEETH 78 V81T TEETH 74 V33 ADAPTOR 11 V39 ADAPTOR 16 V43 ADAPTOR 22 V51 [...]

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  • bucket tooth history

Bucket Tooth History

Bucket Tooth History The idea of equipping an earth moving bucket with a series of projecting spears, to help penetrate, gouge and breakout the material in the digging process, is hardly a new concept, going back to the formative years of the mechanized equipment industry. The Otis Steam Shovel (1835), the grandfather of all mining [...]

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  • wear-protections-multibrand-weld-on-heel-shrouds


MULTIBRAND WELD-ON HEEL SHROUDS wear-protections-multibrand-weld-on-heel-shrouds TYPE REFERENCE WEIGHT A B C D HENSLEY HS140-110 4.6 110 140 30 140 HENSLEY HS175-140 10.6 140 175 40 175 HENSLEY HS230-190 19.8 190 230 45 230 HENSLEY HS290-240 40.2 240 290 50 290 ESCO ES6697-2 22.5 188 150 50 250 ESCO ES6697-3 13.8 188 100 38 [...]

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  • Feurst Sidekey Teeth

Feurst Sidekey Teeth

Feurst is the leader in the manufacture of high-tech teeth and tooth holders and enjoying the metallurgical Know-How of the AFE Group. With high quality products, constant innovation Feurst is the preferred choice of the most demanding professionals of the public works sector. ESCO Compatible Sidekey replacement teeth for use with ESCO Super V Adapters [...]

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