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Spare Parts Keywords kubota unitooth 8 421-815-3220 edge 5 komatsu bulldozer cutting blade 4 replacement bucket blade fpr bobcat 3 jla0341 3 replacement grader blade 3 9w6199 3 mitsubishi bulldozer cutting blade 3 excavator side cutter bolt on 3 case replacement bucket blade #299336a1 3 end bits 12f-929-2170 3 cutting edge for excavator bucket side [...]



Idler has important technical functions because these parts must support strongly all tracks without any waving or unbalance and also must help the track drive smoothly. Idler covers sufficiently these main points not only with the strong body made by the best steel casting and the heat treatment but with the perfect guarantee against the [...]



Track Roller operates perfectly under all working conditions and have high rail wear resistance. Their superior quality is the result of a decade of experience in track roller. Track Roller guarantees economic operation. On the base of the principle of customer priority and technology, we have produced track roller with special know-how about forging, casting, [...]

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Case Bucket Teeth

Specifications of Case Bucket Teeth P/N Type Model U/W KG A / mm B/mm C/mm D/mm A1/mm B1/mm C1/mm Φ Holes 230S Tooth Case Teeth 230 1.6 62 70 160 48 41 47 70 14 230S Adapter Case Teeth 230 1.5 38 54 173 38 46 65 12.5 Case Bucket Teeth We are [...]

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