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  • Poly Cutting Edges

Poly Cutting Edges

Poly Cutting Edges are designed to protect smooth, hard surfaces - such as cobblestone and some pavements that can be damaged by equipment. They are not design for continual use on rough surfaces. Poly Cutting Edges Non-stick UHMW poly surface reduces debris build up Prevents scuffing concrete or cobblestone sidewalks Less shock to [...]

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  • Undercarriage Parts

Undercarriage Parts

Undercarriage Parts - Did you know that almost 50 percent of your Excavator, Bulldozer or Track Loader maintenance cost will go towards maintaining the undercarriage? YASSIAN offers full range of Undercarriage Parts such as; Track Roller, Top Roller, Sprocket, Idler, Track Chain & Shoes, Track Link for various types of excavator and bulldozer, and all [...]

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  • GET Spare Parts

GET Spare Parts

GET Spare Parts, genuine tough cutting edges, motor grader Cutting edges systems, Blades End Bits GET Spare Parts MADE BY YASSIAN genuine tough cutting edges are made ​​of high-carbon steel cutting edges that are 30mnb steel, rolled and subjected to heat treatment excellent. In addition, the combination of cutting edges and end bits Provides excellent cutting quality. The [...]

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