Poly Cutting Edges

Poly Cutting Edges are designed to protect smooth, hard surfaces - such as cobblestone and some pavements that can be damaged by equipment. They are not design for continual use on rough surfaces. Poly [...]

Undercarriage Parts

Undercarriage Parts - Did you know that almost 50 percent of your Excavator, Bulldozer or Track Loader maintenance cost will go towards maintaining the undercarriage? YASSIAN offers full range of Undercarriage Parts such as; Track [...]

GET Spare Parts

GET Spare Parts, genuine tough cutting edges, motor grader Cutting edges systems, Blades End Bits GET Spare Parts MADE BY YASSIAN genuine tough cutting edges are made ​​of high-carbon steel cutting edges that are 30mnb steel, rolled and [...]

Feurst Sidekey Teeth

Feurst is the leader in the manufacture of high-tech teeth and tooth holders and enjoying the metallurgical Know-How of the AFE Group. With high quality products, constant innovation Feurst is the preferred choice of the [...]

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Caterpillar 416E Backhoe Loader Work Tools

Caterpillar 416E Backhoe Loader Work Tools - Choose from a wide variety of tools designed specifically for the backhoe loader. Work Tools Caterpillar Work Tools for backhoe loaders extend the versatility of the machine. Built [...]

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Caterpillar End Bit

Caterpillar End Bit Part No. and  fit cat model: Part Number Manufacturing Weight L W Th Holes Model 100-3131/32 45 7 10SU,10U,9SU,9U 100-3133/34 60 7 10SU,10U,9SU,9U 100-3135/36 45 7 9U,9SU,8U,8SU 100-3137/38 60 7 9U,9SU,8U,8SU 100-3139/40 [...]

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Ground Engaging Tools – dozer cutting edge

Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T) offered by us are used in different heavy equipment machinery. Ground Engaging Tools are beneficial in protecting expensive structural components and maximizing the productivity of machines. The products offered by us [...]

Single Bucket Excavator

Single bucket excavator use a single bucket digging soil or self-ore mining machinery. It is made of the work unit, turntable and walking equipment. After the bucket is digging full, it turn to dump, and [...]

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Caterpillar 16M3 Motor Grader

The 16M3 Motor Grader will have a direct impact on mine site productivity and costs. The haul road is either the mine’s greatest asset or greatest liability. When haul roads are kept in top condition, [...]

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Caterpillar to reduce its workforce by up to 10 000 people amid restructuring

Caterpillar news, Caterpillar to reduce its workforce by up to 10 000 people amid restructuring US-based heavy machinery manufacturer Caterpillar announced on Monday that it may have to retrench up to 10 000 workers by [...]

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